Nidhi Company Registration

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About This Package

The word "Nidhi" is a word commonly found in the Hindi vocabulary that means "treasure". It is created basically for the motive of encouraging savings and thrift among its members.
Nidhi companies are allowed to take a deposit from their members and lend to their members-only which means that the funds contributed into a Nidhi company come only from its members (shareholders) and are to be used only by the shareholders of the Nidhi Company. It is also referred to as the Mutual Benefit Society because it works for the mutual benefit and welfare of all its members. Nidhi Company is the only company which can accept deposits and lend money without the approval of RBI.
If you want to start the business for the financing of the loan in India, then Nidhi Company is the most convenient way to start. My Legal Clinic is specialised in company registration and manages hundreds of companies across the country.
Key Features:
  • No RBI registration required
  • Earn interest up to 20% on loan on reducing balance method
  • Accept fixed deposit, recurring deposit & savings and earn a 12% rate of interest
  • Lend only against gold, property, FD, Govt securities
  • Can open 3 branches after 3 years within the district
  • Need to add minimum 200 members within 12 months of registration
  • Can take deposits up to 20 times the funds invested. Invest 5 lakh and accept 1 Cr
Annual Compliances After Registration:
  • Filing of Income Tax Return of the Company
  • Filing of Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet to Ministry of Corporate Affairs in form AOC-4
  • Filing of Annual Return to Ministry of Corporate Affairs in Form MGT-7
  • Filing of Form NDH-1 to provide the list of members within 90 days from the end of every financial year
  • Filing of Form NDH-3 which is a half-yearly return filed to check whether the Nidhi company is working as per the rules or not
Services Included
Company Name Review
Approval of Name of the Company (if required)
7 Digital Signatures (Class-3)
Allotment of 3 DIN (Director Identification Number)
Drafting of MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Articles of Association) of the Company
Form Filing for Incorporation of the Company to Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Certificate of Incorporation
Company E-PAN and E-TAN
Allotment of PF (Provident Fund) and ESI (Employee State Insurance) Number
Share Certificate (Soft Copy)
Who Should Buy
Any person who wants to start the business of financing of loan in India

Documents Required

PAN Card of Each Director/Shareholder
Aadhaar Card of Each Director/Shareholder
Bank Statement/Electricity Bill/Landline Bill (Updated Copy)
Voter ID/ Driving Licence/Passport (any one) of Each Director/Shareholder
Passport size photograph of Each Director/Shareholder
Signature sample of any one director (Sign on white paper)
Electricity Bill/Postpaid Bill/Water Bill of the Registered Office
Shareholding Pattern
Email ID of the Company

The Process

With My Legal Clinic, you're going to get the best accounting and legal professionals in India who will work to fulfil your requirements. The entire process is 100% digital and hassle-free. Our team strives to ensure that our services are delivered within the shortest span of time. We are known for our impeccable service delivery standards. Here is a description of how the overall process looks like:


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After Sales Support

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August 25, 2022

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Buggeterian Traveller
August 25, 2022

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August 25, 2022

Prompt service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should be the objects of Nidhi Company?

The primary object of a Nidhi Company is to carry on the business of accepting deposits and lending money to the member.

Does Nidhi Company require any NBFC license from RBI?

No, Nidhi Company does not require any RBI license to start the business in India; this is because Nidhi Company has been exempted by the RBI.

Who can become members of Nidhi Companies?

Members are only individuals. Bodies Corporate or Trusts are never to be admitted as Members.

Whether Loan can be provided to Non-Members?

No, loan can only be provided to Members of the Company.

What shall be the status of Nidhi Company - Private Company or Pubic Company?

A Nidhi Company to be incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 shall be a public company.

Whether a person can be a director of Nidhi Company without holding any share capital?

The Director shall be a member of Nidhi Company. Therefore, it is mandatory for the director of Nidhi Company to hold shares.

What is the maximum limit up to which Nidhi Company can accept deposits?

A Nidhi Company shall not accept deposits exceeding twenty times of its Net Owned Funds (NOF) as per its last audited financial statements.

How many branches a Nidhi Company can open?

A Nidhi Company can open up to 3 branches after three years of continuous profit running of the business. Further, these three branches can be opened within the district only. Further, to open any branch outside the district, you will require the Regional Director's (RD) permission.

A branch outside the state is not permitted.

What are the activities that are prohibited to Nidhi Company?
  • Advertise themselves to invite deposits,
  • Chit funds, Leasing Finance,
  • Lotteries,
  • Insurance,
  • Hire-Purchase finances,
  • Sell the assets of its members kept as security for a loan,
  • Entering into a partnership for carrying out lending and borrowing activities,
  • Accepting deposits or lending funds to someone other than its members,
  • Issue preference shares, debentures or some other debt instruments,
  • Open a current account with its members (though it can open a Savings Account),
  • Acquire another company by investing in securities of that company,
  • Lend or take the deposit from a corporate,
  • Pledge assets of its members kept as security,
  • Pay commission or incentive for mobilizing deposits,
  • Carry on a business other than borrowing and lending to its members.