About Us

Our number one priority is to help you do business easily.

We will take your business's legal and accounting compliance to the next level of efficiency!

We are reliable and affordable.

My Legal Clinic is the brainchild of highly experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Lawyers. We intend to provide our expertise to every business concern in India by helping them navigate a wide range of issues affecting their businesses and providing the best possible solution for the same.

Leadership Team

Sunil Kumar Pathak
Sunil Kumar Pathak
Sunil has around 25 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Planning, Financial Analysis, Business Incubation and Development Advisory.
Sauraj Bhardwaj
Sauraj Bhardwaj
Co-Founder & CEO
With over 25 years of experience, Sauraj specializes in Product Development, Sales & Distribution, and Holistic Brand Journey. Leadership-driven Entrepreneurship is his true passion.
Manav Mehra
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Manav has banking in his professional DNA. Having 20+ years of experience in Banking and Finance, Manav has done it all and seen it all.
Rahul Kishore Sharma
Legal Head
Rahul has around 25 years of experience in Corporate Legal Affairs, Business Agreements and Accounting Processes.
Varun Sood
Varun Sood
Co-Founder & Head, IT & Marketing
Varun holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and has over 10 years of experience in Website & Software Development and Digital Analytics.