Trademark Registration in Kolkata

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Published On December 26, 2021 | Last Updated On September 1, 2022

Any individual or legal body can seek trademark registration in Kolkata. Foreign nationals and businesses are also eligible to register for brand registration in Kolkata. A business's trademark is regarded as an asset. As a result, obtaining a trademark registration is essential to establishing the company's identity.

Trademark registration or Trade Mark Renewal is a multi-step process that must be completed to register a trademark. Furthermore, it necessitates fast follow-up from the administration. Within 1-3 days, a request for trademark registration can indeed be submitted to the trademark registrar. However, some other legal processes and formalities required to secure trademark registration in Kolkata take 6 to 24 months. In this section, we will look at the procedure of registering a trademark in Kolkata.

Insights of Trademark Registration in Kolkata

Trademark Registration is an essential mechanism through which a brand can be protected from unwanted use and infringement. The Indian Government has simplified the trademark registration process. Entrepreneurs can now quickly obtain trademark registration for their brands within a few months. In this article, we look at the types of a trademark.

Product Mark

This sort of trademark is used to identify the origin of a product and aids in the maintenance of a company's reputation.

Mark of Certification

A certification mark is a marking that shows the origin, material, quality, or other specific features of a product that the proprietor grants.

Collective Mark

A collective mark is used to tell the public about specific distinguishing characteristics of a product or service that represents a collective.

Mark of Pattern

Pattern markings are products with distinctive designed patterns that serve as the product's distinguishing feature.

Mark of Service

A service mark is comparable to a product mark in that it represents a service rather than a product.

Shape Mark

Shape Mark is solely used to protect the shape of a product so that people associate it with a specific manufacturer and choose to purchase the goods.

Sound Mark

A sound mark is a sound associated with a product or service that comes from a specific supplier.

Information/Document Required for Trademark Registration

Individuals and Sole Proprietorship

In Kolkata, any individual - Indian or foreign – can very quickly register for a trademark. To obtain a trademark, one does not need to form a legal or corporate entity. Furthermore, the necessary paperwork to get a trademark in the proprietorship's name is the same as those supposed to obtain a trademark in an Individual's name. Follow the points given below:

  • A logo copy. It is preferably (Optional) required in black and white. If no logo is provided, a trademark application for the term can be filed
  • Completed Form-48. It is a letter of authorization to a trademark attorney from the applicant to submit a trademark application
  • Proprietor or Individual Identity Proof
  • Proprietor or Individual Address Proof


In the case of an LLP or a partnership, the owner must provide the following:

  • Logo copy (optional)
  • Form-48 signed
  • Signatory's Identity Proof
  • Signatory's Address Proof
  • Registration Certificate of Udyog Aadhar
  • Incorporation Certificate or Partnership Deed

Company/LLP/Partnership - Small Business or Startup

The registration charge for a trademark ranges from low to high. The lesser trademark fee applies to small businesses, startups, sole individuals, & proprietorships. The trademark government cost almost doubled for all other entities. The applicant must present the Udyog Aadhar registration certificate to be categorized as a small firm. In addition to this certificate, the following information is necessary.

Other Prospective

To secure a Trademark Registration in India, all the other candidates, such as companies who do not possess Udyog Aadhar registration, must submit the following documentation.

  • Logo copy (optional)
  • Form-48 signed
  • Signatory's Identity Proof
  • Signatory's Address Proof
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership Deed

Benefits of Registering a Trademark

In legal terms, the term "Brand Name" is referred to as a "Trademark." A trademark is defined as any device, symbol, name, word, numerals, or composite of both that can be represented visually and registered. Here are a few benefits of registering a trademark:

  • Exclusive Rights: The proprietor of the Registered Trademark has full ownership of it. The owner may utilize the same for all products that come within the applicable class (es).
  • Product differentiation: It makes it easier for buyers to find your products. It identifies your goods and their identity from present and anticipated competitors and serves as an effective promotional tool.
  • Quality of the product is recognized: It recognizes the product's quality. Customers associate the quality of a product with the brand name, and an image is formed in the market regarding the quality of a specific brand, which aids in recruiting new customers because they can differentiate the quality of a product by the logo/brand name.
  • Infringement protection: No competitor or a third party may use the logo or wordmark you have registered as a trademark.

Fees for Registering a Trademark in Kolkata

Undoubtedly, the trademark registration fees in Kolkata differ depending on if you have a society, trust, or Section 8 corporation. Contact My Legal Clinic specialist who can provide you with a free registration service quote.

Trademark registration is an essential component of every business. Trademark concerns will arise whether you own a small or large firm. As a result, Contact My Legal Clinic, and the experts will help you find the best answer to all of your concerns.