Trademark Registration in Jaipur

Trademark registration in India is essential to uphold your brand value and distinguish your product from others. It is a legal way to showcase your company’s uniqueness. Find out more below.
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Published On December 27, 2021 | Last Updated On September 1, 2022

India is changing the definition of business and making way for businesses to adopt modern and innovative ideas to suit the changing needs of the people. Hence, India is seeing a massive rise in the number of startups in the sectors like technology, education, and real estate - to name a few.

With the increasing number of companies in the same field, there is a threat to identifying the origin of the core brand identity and a probability of duplicity. For instance, if you have a catering business with a particular name in your city, there may be a third person trying to emulate your ideas and have the same type of business in a different place using your company’s name.

Would you want that?


It is an infringement of intellectual property rights, and your company is at a loss because your customers are confused between the two products with the same name. Therefore, appropriate Trademark Registration in India is necessary. It will give exclusive rights to your brand and at the same time avoid counterfeit of your products or services.

This article will guide you on the importance of trademark registration and the different aspects to remember while applying for trademark registration in Jaipur.

What Is Trademark Registration?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property like a symbol, logo, picture, or slogan that is an intangible asset your company owns. It prevents a third party from replicating your logo or mark and is prone to legal measures if proven guilty.

A trademark can be a single alphabet, a resounding musical tune, or even a graphic so that the customers can identify your services with that mark. And now, it is something you want to utilize to boost your business value and instill trust in the public.

The Trademark Act of 1999 regulates all forms of trademark registration in India. The symbol TM denotes that the company has filed for a trademark. However, it is not mandatory to use the TM symbol on your product during the application process. But after completing the process, you must use the ® symbol beside your brand name.

What Are the Advantages of Registering for a Trademark in Jaipur?

According to the trademark registration consultants in Jaipur, it is time you took extreme caution before launching your product or services to the market. There are some people always on the lookout for a crooked or short-cut way to be successful, and without a trademark, you have the risk of losing your customer base and regretting the negligence.

Here are a few advantages of getting a trademark registration-

It Creates an Asset

Once you register for a trademark, it becomes an asset to your company. Hence, as the company grows, your identity will be familiar to the people and add value to your business.

It Differentiates Your Product From the Rest

A good business needs a solid brand identity. If you want your company to stand out, you must have a unique logo or name that every consumer can remember. Trademark registration in Jaipur protects the individuality of your company and distinguishes your product from your competitors with better scope for recognition.

It Becomes Easier to Reach the Target Audience

You require a catchy name or logo that is noticeable and creates a mark among the people, especially your target audience so that they can associate your business with that symbol. A trademark registration gives you this typical upside. It makes the consumer move a step closer to your product, and they can identify your product by the name on the label.

It Remains Forever

Once you get a trademark registration, it lasts forever. However, you have to renew it once every ten years. But the mark lasts a lifetime, and it is untouched by any other third party unless you abandon the trademark and do not intend to renew it.

If you want to register for a trademark in Jaipur, we offer a seamless service at a very reasonable price. We have assisted many companies in obtaining their trademark registration with minimum hassle and progress ahead of their competitors to win the consumer market.

Things to Remember Before Applying for Trademark Registration in Jaipur

While you can reap great benefits by getting counsel, guidance, and appropriate assistance from trademark registration consultants in Jaipur, you have to remember some aspects before applying for the trademark registration process. Find them below -

Have a Unique Trademark

The name of the product is as powerful as your company. So, you have to choose it carefully. Firstly, have a unique name or logo that no one has.

Remember that the name should be easy and attractive. Many companies fail to realize that unique names do not mean straight out of the dictionary. It should be simple and compelling.

Trademark Registration Is a Lengthy Process

Trademark registration is a lengthy process, and it takes 12 - 18 months after getting the required approvals. So, you have to be patient, and your documents must be intact and comply with the regulations of the Trademark Registry.

Your Application Can Get Rejected!

The Registrar can reject your trademark application due to a lack of required documents and objections by a third party if found similar to their trademark. However, as an applicant, you can appear for the hearing and exhibit the evidence to support your application and move ahead to get trademark registration in Jaipur.

The Application Process to Get a Trademark in Jaipur

As told earlier, the trademark application process is lengthy and can take more than a year for proper implementation. But with us, you will not find any roadblocks such as these because we will make the entire process easy and quite seamless for you. Our passionate team works round the clock to wade through the tiresome process and give you the benefit of stress-free trademark registration.

Given below is the step-by-step process that you need to perform. Alternatively, our trademark registration consultants in Jaipur adhere to all these steps appropriately.

Trademark Search

Firstly, you need a mark for your company that is unique. So, do thorough research on the Trademark Registry portal and finalize the name or logo for your business.

After this, you can apply for the trademark with the help of credible trademark registration consultants in Jaipur. Usually, you require - Identity proof, Address proof, and Income proof to show as the primary documents. Depending on the type of business you have, these documents will vary.

Vienna Codification

The Registrar then reviews your application to check for the authenticity of the trademark. This process is called Vienna Codification. It takes around 3 - 5 business days, and your application will be accepted or rejected. If rejected, you can appeal for a hearing and give supporting evidence.

Publication in the Trademark Journal

Once the Registrar accepts your filing, your application will appear in the Trademark Journal. Here, the public can object to the application if found any discrepancies and ask for justification. If there is no objection within four months, your application will move forward for the final step, i.e., obtaining a trademark certificate.

Trademark Registration Certificate

After all the above steps, your trademark is ready for use, and you will get a Trademark Registration certificate. You can use it in your company products and services to show that you have legally obtained the rights to use the trademark. Here comes an end to the year-long process and the beginning of your successful business!


A trademark registration will safeguard your business from infringement and give legal protection to the products and services. You can file a lawsuit against anyone using your trademark without your authorization. Although getting a trademark registration in Jaipur is a lengthy process, it will show your commitment to the consumer market and create trust and goodwill among your consumer base.