Trademark Registration in Bangalore

If you run a business that offers something unique in Bangalore, then getting a trademark registered for it is a must. Read ahead to know how we can help you do exactly that!
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Published On December 26, 2021 | Last Updated On September 1, 2022

India is home to budding entrepreneurs, and every year, thousands of startups join the club of generating employment and catering to consumer needs through their unique campaigns. It becomes essential for a company to build its identity and be the talk of the town.

What creates a lasting impression about your company on the consumer? Is it the valuation, type of business, or the resources?

None of them.

A relatable tagline, a catchy logo, or an attractive name-all of these add value to the company's image and make it stand out from the rest of its competitors in the market.

How to secure your brand's image? Turn to trademark registration. With trademark registration, you can protect your services or products from misuse and hook your target customers to follow you.

Hence it becomes necessary to get a trademark registration in India.

This article will shed light on the different stages in trademark registration and how your brand can benefit from the trademark.

Types of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are the rights that give legal protection to the invention, brand image or logo, original works by an individual or a company. There are four types of IP rights:

1. Patent

A patent prevents an original invention of a creator from being sold or used without their permission. However, a third party can use a patent and commercialize it after getting the legal rights from the creator. So, buying or selling a patent is only possible after mutual agreement. A patent expires after twenty years, and you cannot renew it after that.

2. Trademark

A trademark is essentially legal protection given to a word, a symbol, or a logo that represents a product or service of a company, and it gives them an exclusive right to ownership. Since every company wants to be safe from the infringement and misrepresentation of their identity, Trademark Registration in India is rising. A trademark is valid for 10 years, and you can renew it after the expiry, unlike a patent.

3. Copyright

Copyright protects the artistic works of creators, such as a song, music track, paintings, etc. A copyright cannot provide legal protection to the process of the created piece. For instance, a music song cannot be used, which is directly produced by the artist. However, you can recreate the music and make your version.

4. Trade Secret

A trade secret is a secret of any business. Every business has its secret formula, recipe, or confidential information which is unauthorized to be used by the public.

What is a Trademark? What is its Significance?

A trademark or TM is a way of representing a product or service of a particular company through a logo, alphabet, image, or slogan that differentiates it from the rest of its competitors.

It's a type of intellectual property that is whole and solely part of the organization and organization, and they can sell, modify, or use it as they want. They can take legal action against a third party if they misuse or duplicate the same. The Trade Marks Act of 1999 governs the rules and regulations of trademarks.

Symbol TM represents the unregistered trademark, and ® represents the registered trademark. Most companies opt for the TM symbol on a newly launched product, cautioning the potential infringers that you have brand protection in mind and can apply for the registration in the future.

Trademark registration in Bangalore is surging since Bangalore promotes startup culture, and there can be instances where creative ideas collide, and the product logo or the name appears similar. It might create confusion for the consumers, and your business might incur a loss owing to the similarity in the visual representation of the product.

Hence, you have to register for the trademark to get an exclusive right to the brand you want to create for your company, especially when you plan on selling the product.

If you wish to register your company for a trademark in Bangalore, we offer a seamless service and have a rich experience in providing a trademark registration with nominal fees.

Benefits of Applying for Trademark Registration in Bangalore

The trademark registration consultants in Bangalore will affirm that a trademark protects the company identity from encroaches, help create a brand value, and instill trust among the consumers.

Given below are the advantages of getting a trademark registration:

  • It provides legal protection: It provides legal protection to the products or services of a company and clearly distinguishes the brand logo, tagline, or alphabet from others. It will ensure that no third party can use the same visual art as yours and preserve originality.
  • It differentiates your products from others: Imagine that you are launching a class of clothing products. To differentiate your product from the rest of the competitors, you will promote your USP with a unique caption or logo which has a lasting impression on the audience. A trademark gives the exclusive rights to the mark (such as a caption, word, a logo), and hence the consumers can make out the difference of your product from the rest.
  • It ensures brand recognition and builds trust: The trademark registration consultants in Bangalore help your company get an identity that no other third party can emulate. It becomes a concern when you have a successful company, and someone else tries to misuse the same to trick your customers and poach your identity. With trademark registration, you can clarify to the public that the product is authentic and your own to build trust in them.

How to get a trademark registration in Bangalore?

Getting a trademark registration is lengthy and takes around 18-24 months. It involves multiple steps given below:

1. Trademark Search

It is the first step to getting the trademark registration in Bangalore. You have to search for a brand name that is not in use by any other company. So initially, you have to come up with a unique brand name that is relatable to every consumer and that is easy to remember. Hence, perform a trademark search by visiting the trademark office or Trademark Registrar Website. It will contain the details of the trademarks which are available.

2. File for the Trademark

The next step is to file for the trademark. The application form must contain:

  • Trademark (Logo, name)
  • Trademark owner details
  • Details of goods and services
  • Documents like address proof, identity proof, business/company license proof

The specific documents required generally depend on the type of business you own, like an LLP, Private limited, sole proprietorship.

You have to carefully fill the application form to avoid rework and further delay in the already elaborate process.

3. Vienna Codification and Examination

Once you apply, the registrar will send for Vienna codification for checking to avoid duplication in trademark symbols. The process takes 3 - 5 days to get the result.

Once the Vienna codification is complete, the registrar will review the application. The registrar has the right to approve the application and send for further steps or object to the application. You have 30 days to reply to the trademark objection report and appear before the court for a hearing.

4. Publication in the Trademark Journal

Once the registrar approves your trademark application, they will publish the registration in the Trademark Journal. The public can raise an objection to the trademark registration if the details of the services appear non-trustworthy. If there is any opposition, the applicant and the opposition party must appear for a hearing allied by the Trademark Hearing officer.

The applicant must justify the case and provide evidence to get a final go from the TM hearing officer.

5. Trademark registration certificate

If none of the third parties objects to the registration within four months, you will receive the registration certificate from the registrar within 6 - 10 months. Once you receive the registration certificate, it is mandatory to use the ® symbol.

If there is any objection from another third party, the time duration will extend. It is where we can help you out. If you are looking for trademark registration consultants in Bangalore, we guarantee a smooth process and avoid unnecessary errands on your part to obtain the trademark registration.


A company is successful only when it has brand value and originality. Your product or the services impress the target audience, if and only if it is unique and not used anywhere else.

Hence, trademark registration in Bangalore is growing. It gives you security from paying compensation to the customers who have bought the counterfeit product from the duplicate firm.

You can file a complaint and demand a penalty if you find your trademark anywhere else. However, tread your path carefully and cross-verify whether the mark you are obtaining is unique and adheres to the rules governed by the Trademark Act.

Lastly, you have to know that the process of obtaining a trademark takes time, but it is worth the wait, for you can sustain your business and have an unmatched identity.