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About Trademark Objection Reply

Getting a trademark is a pretty complex process. There are several stages that the application must go through before it becomes a success. However, the most crucial part of the entire process is the examination by the registrar.

Your application would be scrutinized for errors and other supporting information would be verified by an officer. Your application should be in accordance with the Trade Marks Act and its laws.

Once the examination is done a report is generated with comments of the examiner. If there are no issues with your application then it is transferred to publication in the journal. However, if there are some issues then an objection will be raised by the examiner.

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Getting a trademark objection is a serious problem, as failure to respond would definitely get the application rejected. This is something that you would not want for sure. Hence availing our services would certainly be of help.

Trademark Objection Reply Pricing

We currently serve only one package for this service.

  • Complete legal help with your trademark objection
  • Reply drafting
  • Submission of reply

Documents Required

Here is the list of documents that you would require to furnish to handle the trademark objection

  • Trademark application copy that you made
  • Trademark objection document

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to the most common questions that one might have about trademark objection reply:

What happens if I fail to reply?

Your application would get rejected and you would have to re-apply.

How much time would it take for getting my trademark registered once the objection has been taken care of?

It would take around 2 weeks time for things to be proper. Connect with us to know more about it.


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