Private Limited Company Registration in Ranchi

Are a business person based out of Ranchi, then you must read ahead to know about how you can get a Private Limited Company Registration done in Ranchi quickly and efficiently.
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Published On August 2, 2022 | Last Updated On August 26, 2022

Forming a private limited company comes with a host of benefits. If you are planning to do the same then our private limited company registration service will be instrumental in making things move for you in the right direction. 

My Legal Clinic has decades of experience in helping people get their companies formed. Keep on reading to know more. 

What is a Private Limited Company?

A private limited company is mostly held privately by small companies/businesses that have restrictions on owner liability and limited shareholders to 200.

Various Benefits of Pvt Ltd. Company Registration in India

There are many benefits of registering your Private Ltd. Company. Take a look.

1. Legal Entity

A private company needs to be a separate legal entity from you. In this case, if your company incurs any losses, you will not be held responsible. Instead, the company will be solely responsible for its assets and liabilities management and its debtors and creditors. In any case, your creditors cannot bug you for recovering the money.

2. Raising Capital

While registering your PLC, you will face many compliance requirements. But after registration, you are eligible for fundraising through equity - helping you expand and limit liability.

3. Minimal Risk to Personal Assets

As a shareholder of your PLC, your liability to the company is limited to the contribution, you make. Therefore, you don't have any personal liability and do not have to pay for the company's liability out of your own asset.

4. Building Trust

Trusting a company is easier when you know all the details about it. Indian PLCs are registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). The details of companies registered under the Company Act 2013 are available for everyone to check.

5. Will Always Exists

Small private businesses are likely to get dissolved as the owner of the company dies. But being a separate legal entity, it will keep on existing even after the death of the owner or the CEO. The change or death of an important member will not affect the company's operations.

Registration Process of Your Private Company

The registration process of your private limited company follows essential steps that include:

  1. The first step is obtaining the digital signature required for the online forms. The digital signature certificates can be obtained from government-recognized certifying authorities.
  2. The second step is applying for a DIN (Director Identification Number) number, which can be obtained by a person who wishes to be a director of any company/company.
  3. The third step is getting approval for the company name. You have to apply for the proposed name and wait for approval.
  4. The next step is filling out the SPICe+ (INC-32) form for the completed incorporation of their private limited company.
  5. Then fill out the forms e-MoA (INC-33) and e-AoA (INC-34), making the registration process easier.
  6. The last step involves applying for PAN and TAN applications for your company.

Documents You Will Need for PLC Registration

While registering for your PLC, you will have to provide the basic official documents, which include:

  1. An affidavit on a stamp paper
  2. Address proof of your office
  3. Any of the utility bills proof - electricity, water or gas
  4. NOC from the property owner in cases of the rented or leased property
  5. DIN

Registration Fees

The registration fees for the PLCs are different for different companies because of various factors like share capital, no. of shareholders, and no. of directors, etc. Apart from the government fee for company registration, you will also be spending some amount if you hire professional help for your company's registration.

It is suggested to hire a professional to make the process simpler and faster, where the professional team will guide the owners through the various processes, including documentation.

How Long Does It Take for the Private Limited Company Registration?

PLC registration doesn't take long, especially if you are working with a professional team. Including the approval of DIN, Company name, incorporation, etc., it will take around 10 working days. The time often depends upon submitting appropriate documents and how fast the government approvals work.

You can try going to a unique name if you want faster incorporation, making it speedier approval.

What is MoA and AoA forms?

MoA stands for Memorandum of Association, a foundation on which a company is built. AoA stands for Articles of Association and includes the rules and regulations associated with the company's management.


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