Know Everything About Patent Registration in Chennai

If you are an innovator living in Chennai, then you must know about the ways you can get your patent registration in Chennai done. Read ahead to know all about it.
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Published On December 26, 2021 | Last Updated On September 1, 2022

A patent is nothing but legal protection from people copying your idea and getting undue benefit by using the knowledge. Getting a patent registration in Chennai can protect your complete specification of an idea from being misused. If you are an innovator based out of Chennai then getting your idea patented is a sure shot way to a better future. 

Basically, a patent is a safeguard for your intellectual property. It is not necessary that you have the product or the service ready, if your idea falls under the purview of Indian patent laws and rules then you can file for patent applications (in case there is more than one element to your idea that needs to be protected) at the Indian patent office. Patent registration is a legally complex process and in general, you would need to seek assistance from a patent agent to get your patent registration done properly. 

Most of the patent laws are uniform internationally. Yes, you heard it right! A patent is moreover an international phenomenon than a local one. Although, Indian law admits that you would need to get an international patent registered separately, however the rules are almost similar. No matter where you are located, the process always begins with a patent search. Followed by other legal modalities. If you need to know the details about patent registration in Chennai then it would be wise to visit our patent registration service page. 

Benefits of Patent Registration in Chennai

If you are confident about your idea or innovation then begin your Patent Registration process as soon as possible. In India, we follow a first come first file protocol. That means even if you are the first one to come up with the idea you have to act fast otherwise the next person can always claim the idea or innovation to be theirs. That's why you should run towards the patent office or to your patent agent without wasting time. The process is complex and preparing patent documents is a process that does not tolerate errors. There are many benefits associated with patent registration, here we will give you a short glimpse for you to understand things in a better manner. 


Patent registration is the best way for innovators to protect their intellectual property. It makes you the authorized person and the owner of your idea legally. If anybody copies your idea then you can sue them in a court of law and they could get severely punished. 


As a patent owner, you get exclusive rights that are legally binding. A patent when completed successfully gives you certain rights. You can always grant permission to many manufacturers to use your technology and earn a royalty. This is only possible when you have your things sorted at the patent office.


Getting Indian patents from the patent office through a valid patent agent boosts your market reputation. The market movers would look at you and your innovation with respect and would know that you meet all the real and provisional specifications as desired by the innovation you created. 

The Process That You Might Have to Follow at Patent Office Chennai

The patent office in Chennai is just like others anywhere in India. They follow the same rules and regulations and the only thing that might vary is the patent lawyers or patent agent fees. Indian patent agents based on their expertise charge different fees. This is a variable factor and something that you might have to face when going for patent lawyers whose services are highly localized. Well, that's what we call localization. So before you go for patent registration in Chennai make sure you find out which agency suits your needs the most. Here are some steps that you must take while filing your patent application: 

Filing Your Invention

An investor has to fill his/her invention within 12 months of its conception. After filling out the form you need to pay the fee and send it to the patent office. The patent office usually takes around two weeks to review the application. 

Now filing your application would require solid groundwork, here going for professional patent drafting services would be wise as they would cover all the vital information desired for the application of a patent.

Submitting the Application

Once the application is submitted the applicant has to wait for the examiner's report. Usually, this report is given within six months. If the examiner finds no flaws in the application he would issue an approval letter. If there are any issues found in the application then the examiner would ask for amendments to be made. These amendments are done by the applicant. The amendment process takes around three months.

Waiting for the Process to Be Done

Now you have to wait - Patent filing is just one part of the process, if things are ok then you might get a provisional patent shortly, however that's not the case with every application that is filed. Your patent attorneys should be competent enough to move you through the process in a subtle manner. Once the process is completed then you would get a notification from the concerned office or through your agent for the same. 


Patent registration is a complex process and it is always recommended that you should avail the services of a professional patent agent in Chennai to get your case sorted. In case you need to get more clarity on the entire process then we would recommend connecting with us for a free consultation. We do not charge anything for giving ethical legal advice, so there is no harm in investing your 15 minutes with us.