NGO Registration in Maharashtra

For Maharashtra - NGO registration is slightly different than in other states. It is always better to let an expert like us handle your NGO registration tasks. We know the regional rules for registration and have the local reach to get it done swiftly.
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Published On December 28, 2021 | Last Updated On September 2, 2022

Starting an NGO, and looking for NGO registration in Maharashtra? Whether it is  Maharashtra or any other region of the country, getting it done is fairly easy, provided you are aware of the regional rules that govern the registration. When we said it is fairly easy, we meant it is easy for a person who has at least basic knowledge of laws and rules and how things work in this domain. If you are a person who knows his basics well enough, you may choose to navigate to our NGO registration page from this point, if not, then continue reading. 

Since you are reading the information on this page, then we take it for granted that you are already aware of what an NGO is, that's why we would not get into the nitty-gritty of it. We would jump directly to the core information that would help you understand the requirements for registering an NGO in Maharashtra. Here you would also get adequate information on the process that is undertaken for NGO registration in Maharashtra. 

NGO Registration Process in Maharashtra

NGOs in Maharashtra are governed by the Societies Registration Act of 1860. In essence, any NGO operating in Maharashtra is considered a charitable trust, hence similar rules and requirements govern its registration and operation. To be honest, it is a complex process and does require some elbow grease in case you plan on doing it all by yourself. 

However, this is not the way we suggest to our prospects as it takes a lot of time and eventually would cost you more. In case you wish to know more about the complete process, then connect with us, our experts will be happy to enlighten you on the complexity of the matter. 

NGO Registration Fees in Maharashtra

The fees for registration of an NGO in Maharashtra might differ from city to city. However, the differences are not great and it is best to consult with an expert like us to know the exact amount. Here we must inform our readers that NGO registration fees are split between the government and court fees, the cost of document preparation and consultant fees if any. It would be best to visit our NGO registration page and talk to one of our experts for better insights on the same.

We always urge our readers to seek expert help in these matters. Although on the surface the process might seem easy, in reality, it is fairly complex. There are many documents that you might have to prepare for denovo. For that it is always recommended to hire a consultant like My Legal Clinic, we can untangle the red tape for you, and set things in motion without error or agony. 

Connect with us to know more about the entire process and the commercials involved.