NGO Registration in Bihar

This article talks about an in-depth NGO registration process in Bihar to help you understand the minutiae of the context and set up your NGO with ease.
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Published On December 26, 2021 | Last Updated On September 1, 2022

India is a land of diverse populations with a variety of economic, linguistic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. With a huge section of the population that is still underprivileged and has no access to the minimum requirements, NGOs or Non-Government Organizations have gained rapid importance in the country’s socio-cultural image.

NGOs are non-profit organizations working towards the betterment of society and the lives of people. With nearly 70% of the Bihar population qualifying as poor and languishing below the poverty line, a non-profit and non-governmental organization becomes highly important for holistic community development and the overall enhancement of the lives of the underprivileged.

Classification of NGOs and Their Registrations in India

In India, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are generally categorized into two groups based on their degrees of orientation and operation.

NGOs are classified according to their degree of orientation, which includes -

  • Charitable Orientation,
  • Service Orientation,
  • Participatory Orientation, and
  • Empowering Orientation.

On the other hand, for NGOs classified on the basis of their degrees of operation, the following subcategories exist-

  • Community-Based Organizations,
  • City-Wide Organizations,
  • National NGOs and
  • International NGOs.

Furthermore, in order to operate an NGO, some laws must be followed. NGO registration in Bihar can be done in three ways:

  1. Trust registration under "The Indian Trust Act, 1882,"
  2. Society registration is governed by the "Societies Registration Act, 1860",
  3. Company registrations are governed by section 8 of the "Companies 

1. Trust

The first option for NGO registration in India is registered as a trust. Usually, the trusts are concerned with poverty eradication, elementary education for all children, and medical help. These organizations are irrevocable, which means that they cannot be dissolved or amended unless the beneficiary agrees.

Trust Registration Guidelines

  • There must be at least two trustees present.
  • The Trust Act varies considerably from one state to the next depending on the governing authorities.
  • The organization's goals, purpose, vision, and benevolent deeds must be institutionalized. This is the most important component.

2. Society

Generally, societies are controlled by a committee or governing body.

They participate in philanthropic activities and are subject to various norms and restrictions.

Society Registration Guidelines

  • In India, a society must have at least 7 members in order to be registered.
  • If a foreign corporation wishes to establish a society in India, it must first agree to the Memorandum of Society in India.
  • In India, society registration is not obligatory.
  • NGO registration as a society protects the rights and entitles the organization to a variety of government benefits.

3. Section 8 Companies

These are limited liability corporations formed for the purpose of social welfare. They are not allowed to keep profits for themselves. They primarily strive to improve society by promotion of science, natural history, political education, providing information about philosophical inventions, and so on.

Section 8 Companies Registration Guidelines

  • The company must be registered as a public or private corporation, or as a limited liability partnership.
  • In this type of NGO registration process in Bihar, the Memorandum Of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) are important tools.
  • A minimum of two directors and two members are required.

We will make certain that the complete process becomes incredibly smooth and simple for you. Our experienced professionals manage the entire process of NGO registration in India across various states and will help you set up your NGO in Bihar for social and communal welfare. We help you by ensuring seamless application for registration within a reasonable time. We even help you in your application for renewal, maintenance of regular accounts and books of accounts, sorting the statement of receipts, etc. You do not have to visit the registration office personally, as our professionals ensure the completion of the entire process within a small period of time.

Benefits of NGO Registration in Bihar

  • Tax Exemption
    You can save money that would have otherwise been paid in taxes and use it for other purposes such as welfare programs. The Income Tax Department has eased a lot of regulations regarding business income from an NGO.
  • Legalized To Acquire Assets And Property
    One of the most significant advantages of NGO registration in Bihar is that it now allows your organization to legally buy property such as land plots for construction.
    Any unregistered firm is not permitted to acquire and possess assets.
  • Limited Personal Liability
    When your NGO is registered, you will be able to acquire property and funds in the name of the NGO. As a result, the individual's duty to be liable for the monetary funds and debts is reduced to a considerable extent. It can support you in the future if unanticipated occurrences such as bankruptcy or foreclosure or huge losses occur.
  • No Requirement For Minimum Share Capital Requirement
    The NGO may now begin with the charity that they have received. To act freely, NGOs do not require larger additional shares.
  • Preservation Of Name
    Once the NGO registration process in Bihar is completed, your entity's name will be preserved. As a result, no other organization can now use the same name for its operations.
  • Transfer Of Ownership Of The NGO
    The Income Tax Act of 1961 states that the NGOs which have been registered under the Companies Act, 2013 can transfer their ownership. However, there should be consent in writing.
  • Getting rid of Stamp Duty
    Section 8 companies which are NGOs or charitable organisations are free from stamp duty under the Income Tax Act, resulting in further tax-saving strategies for the firm. All of the money recovered from stamp duty can be subsequently spent in the advancement of the organization's values. It also aids in the protection of finances for the firm, which promotes easier operation of the organization and increases its efficiency.
  • Operating As Corporate Entity
    Your agency's operations and interactions with the public will flourish as it can now operate as a corporate entity. The NGO can also litigate to protect its legal rights, or it can be sued through its authorized trustees.

Mandatory Documents for NGO Registration in India

  • The organization's memorandum.
  • Bye-laws must be signed and attested to by all members.  They should be signed by the association's three most significant members: the president, general secretary, and treasurer.
  • The regional DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) must verify the character certificate of the key members. a
  • Address proof of the executive directors, administration department, and other members (village/ward/house number, if any).
  • The society's address in its functional area.
  • The owner of the property where the office will be located must sign a NOC (No Objection Certificate). This must be done in the presence of the Executive Magistrate. We help you in successfully completing the online registration form for Bihar society registration. Once the registration certificate is obtained, your society or trust can start functioning as an NGO. Not only do we ensure a valid registration for your entity, but also help in getting the certificate of registration renewed within a stipulated time.

Online NGO registration Process in Bihar

Following these steps is what you will need to do if you want to register your NGO.

Step 1: Navigate to the Official Web Page

To begin the process of registering your NGO, go to the Bihar Registration Department's official website.

Step 2: Select the E-services Option

On the website's home page, you must now select the e-services option.

Step 3: Choose the Registration Option

This is a significant step. You must pick the type of organization that suits your NGO. Select firm/society registration from the drop-down selection.

Step 4: Register Your Society

To continue with the procedure, you must now click on the "society registration click here" option.

Step 5: Make Your Own User-ID

Fill up the text fields with your name and email address. Then you must enter a password and then re-enter it to confirm it. Include your contact information, such as your mobile phone number, and landline phone number.  To prove that you are human, enter the code or captcha displayed below.

Step 6: Input Your OTP (One Time Password)

Check the cellphone number you provided. You will receive a verification code over there once all your information has been entered successfully. Enter your OTP and then select the 'Create User' option.

Step 7: You Will Be Instantly Routed to the Login Page, Where You Must Log In

On this screen, you must enter your login details like username, password, and the official captcha. You will be logged in successfully.

Step 8: Submit an Application for Society Registration

The page for applying for society registration will appear on the screen.

Step 9: Attach Any Required Documents

Before beginning the online registration procedure, keep any relevant documents handy. You must now attach them and complete the form with the necessary information.

Step 10: Make the Online Payment

After enrolling in the society, the applicant must initiate an online transaction to progress.

Step 11: Obtain an Application Number

After completing the payment, the candidate will get the application number. With this, your NGO Registration process in Bihar ends.

Usually, you can collect the acknowledgment receipt and the certificate for society registration within 30 days of the application for approval. We are one of the prominent companies and we have made our name for making the entire process seamless and delivering NGO licenses in a reasonable time frame. If you have any questions about NGO registration in Bihar, please get in touch with our professionals.


NGO registration in India will undoubtedly enhance your credibility, financial resources, exposure, and your status as a legal, corporate entity. According to specialists from the Indian Express, there are more than 21 lakhs NGOs registered in India.

Our industry professionals are entirely focused on providing a hassle-free process of NGO registration in Bihar. We strive to provide high-quality service with nominal registration fees payable and keep our clients satisfied at all times.