LLP Registration in Kerala

LLP comes with its own host of benefits, read our post here and know about how to get LLP registration in Kerala done easily and quickly.
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Published On December 26, 2021 | Last Updated On September 1, 2022

If you are planning to start a limited liability partnership in Kerala then this is the place you should be. Since you have landed here we are sure that you must have been through our home page by now. If not then before you start reading about LLP registration in Kerala you should visit our homepage to know more about our expertise in various facets of business law. Now let's come back to the point and focus on Limited liability partnership or LLP. 

As the name suggests Limited liability partnership firm is a partnership firm per se but with many added advantages. To simplify things, lets just say that a limited liability partnership is a way better version of partnership for new business owners. If you are planning to launch a startup in Kerala, then going for LLP registration will be the apt thing to do. The registration process is also not that complex, however you would require expert help to set things in the right perspective. 

Benefits of LLP Registration

Limited liability partnership comes with a host of benefits over the traditional partnership. In case of a regular partnership the liability of partners is great and although there is some legal protection it is not sufficient to mitigate every business risk. Hence it is easy to presume that a partnership firm although a good format for forming a business legal entity, does not offer complete protection. LLP is way better than a private limited company any day as LLP is a completely independent entity and can hold assets in its own name. 

Overview - LLP Registration Kerala

Kerala is a very active state or region business wise, many big ticket business are conducted from this region. With the highest literacy rate in the country Kerala is also home to a flourishing start up eco-system. This makes LLP registration all the more important for the budding entrepreneurs of the state. Limited liability partnership (LLP) offers everything that a new business would require. Although the process of limited liability partnership registration is mostly uniform all across the nation, however minor regional variations are often observed. They are basically pertaining to the application for registration being made and the time it would take to for process of registration to get complete. 

LLP Company registration has a certain set of rules that one has to follow, most of them are not complex but they surely are cumbersome, you would need to get digital signature certificates made and verified, create and fill the form for incorporation, show where your registered office is, you will have to submit address proof for the same. Details of individual partner would also be required, this is almost same as partnership firm registration or private limited company registration. LLP registration Kerala comes completely under the purview of registrar of companies and the registration documents and registration procedure is highly governed by the GoI laws here. 

Details of designated partner also has to be furnished, for this designated partner identification number or DIN is generated. This is something that we can take care of while forming the incorporation document on your behalf. Things like share capital and minimum capital requirements are not of a much concern here, as the rules are pretty flexible for them. You would certainly need to furnish bank statement and pay the government fees for sure. That is again something we would be keeping you in loop for while processing your LLP company registration in Kerala. 

LLP Registration Fees In Kerala

For this we would suggest you visit our main page to know more about the financials. LLP registration fees varies slightly from region to region and it would be better if you first read our main service page and then talk to us for the same. 


Getting a limited liability partnership registered in Kerala is full of benefits that you can actually use. To know more about it, and to get it done without hassles do get in touch with us. We will help you sort things out here.