GST Registration in Delhi

Due to its great advantages and ease of use, company registration in Delhi has become more and more popular nowadays. If you want to enhance your company's credibility, you should also do it.
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Published On January 12, 2022 | Last Updated On September 2, 2022

You've probably heard the phrases GST filing and GST registration numerous times, especially if you're in business. The GST regulations require companies with turnovers over Rs. 40 lakh to register as regular taxable entities. Registering as a regular taxable entity is called GST registration in Delhi. In this article, we will go through the concept of GST registration in further depth.

How Can GST Registration in Delhi Benefit Your Company?

Before you register your business for GST, learn about the benefits of online GST registration in Delhi. Only then can you use it for the benefit of the firm.

  • Your organization is now legally recognized as a provider of goods and services
  • Accounting for taxes paid on input products or services that can be used to cover GST payable on the delivery of goods or services, or both, by the firm
  • You will now be legally authorized to collect taxes from buyers or recipients on the credit of taxes paid on products or services delivered to consumers or recipients
  • You can also receive immediate access to numerous additional perks that are available under GST legislation
  • Only when you have finished your GST registration in Delhi will you be able to sell your items in other states. You'll need a GSTIN if you want to digitize your business and sell your products on eCommerce sites like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and take on your competitors head to head

What Are the Mandatory Documents Required for GST Registration in Delhi?

The following documents are essential for GST registration in Delhi:

  • The picture of the authorized person or signatory involved
  • Photographs of stakeholders, partners, and even promoters
  • The certificate of incorporation
  • Authorization letter
  • Proofs of bank account statements, the first page of a checkbook, and a canceled check
  • Proofs of company address, such as a receipt for an electricity bill or a property tax, or a document of genuine ownership
  • The document of the board of governors' approval of the enterprise

Steps to Follow for Online GST Registration in Delhi

You simply need to follow the steps to register your enterprise in Delhi. If you have any difficulties, you can contact us. Our GST Consultants in Delhi are completely committed to assisting in hassle-free GST registration. We make every effort to deliver superior service and keep our clients delighted. Our GST registration fees in Delhi are also quite reasonable, they will easily fit into your budget.

Step 1: Navigate to the Website

The first step in the registration process is to visit the official website -

Step 2: Begin the Registration Procedure

You must now click on the button with the placeholder text 'Register Now.' If you still can't find it, go to the 'Taxpayers' tab.

Step 3: Mention that you are a New Candidate

You must now state that you are applying for the first time. To do so, click the 'New Registration' option.

Step 4: Provide the Requested Information

You must now complete the following steps:

  • You'll see a drop-down selection under the 'I am option. From there, search for 'Taxpayer'
  • Enter your respective state and district
  • Enter the name of your company and the PAN of the company
  • After you've completed all of them, begin entering your contact information, particularly your email address and phone number, into their respective input boxes. Check your email and cellphone (the ones you previously entered) to see whether an OTP has been delivered
  • Now, input the picture that is displayed on the screen. Select the 'Proceed' button

Step 5: Enter Your OTP (One Time Password)

You must now enter the OTP that was delivered to your mobile phone as well as your email address. If you don't type it quickly, it will become invalid.

Step 6: Press the ‘Proceed’ Button

After entering the OTP, you may now just click the 'Proceed' button.

Step 7: Write Down the TRN (Temporary Reference Number)

You will see that a temporary TRN will be assigned to you as your reference number. Make a note of it. You will require it.

Step 8: Return to the GST Portal

You must now return to the GST portal. Over there, select the 'Register' option from the 'Taxpayers' menu.

Step 9: Choose TRN

You must now pick the 'Temporary Reference Number(TRN)' option.

Step 10: Input TRN

You must now enter the TRN that has been assigned to you. Correctly enter the captcha.

Step 11: Continue to Click ‘Proceed’

You only need to click the 'Proceed' button.

Step 12: Obtain an OTP

This is the moment to double-check your cell phone number and email address for the opt information. Fill out the form on the following page and press the 'Proceed' button.

Step 13: Change the Application’s Status

If you navigate to the next page, you will see the current status of your application. You only need to click the edit icon on the right side of the page.

Step 14: Complete the Details

There will be roughly ten parts on the next page. You must complete all of them and send the papers that are requested. Remember that if you fail to upload even one document, the application will be revoked. Take caution at this stage. Upload scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Photographs, confirmation of business address, Account number, bank name, bank branch, and IFSC code, and all examples of bank details
  • Form of Authorization and
  • The taxpayer's constitution

Step 15: Navigate to the Confirmation Page

The declaration may be found on the 'Verification' page. Examine it thoroughly. Submit the application using any of the ways listed below.

  • The Electronic Verification Code can be used (EVC). This code will be sent to your registered mobile number
  • Using the e-Sign technique. An OTP will be issued to the phone number associated with the Aadhaar card
  • When registering a company, the application must be filed using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Step 16: Obtain the ARN

When the task is finished, a success message will appear on the screen. The Application Reference Number (ARN) will be emailed to the registered mobile phone number and email address.

Step 17: Verify the Status

The GST site helps to verify the progress of the ARN.

How to do GST Registration in Delhi Through Authentication of Aadhaar?

You can also do GST registration using your Aadhaar if you are fresh to the business environment. This procedure has been newly introduced by the Indian government and is quite easy to follow. It has been in effect since August 21st, 2020.

  • To begin, when you register for GST registration in Delhi, you will be given the option of using Aadhaar authentication. Select 'yes' at that point
  • You will now get the authentication link by email and phone number. Click on the link you were just sent
  • Here, you must carefully input your Aadhaar number and then pick the 'Validate' option
  • When your information is appropriately matched and authenticated, you will receive an OTP on your mobile phone and email address. Now enter the OTP. Within three working days, you will get your new GST registration details


By now, you should have a good understanding of how to register for GST and how it might benefit your business. Every month, we complete all GST registration processes for various businesses by using our technical and legal skills, as well as the knowledge of our GST consultants in Delhi. Typically, our GST registration fees in Delhi are very affordable, even if you are on a budget.