GST Registration in Chennai

Find out all about GST registration, and how GST registration consultants in Chennai can help you stay complaint. Read on!
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Published On December 26, 2021 | Last Updated On September 1, 2022

Since the Government of India imposed and implemented GST (Goods and Services Tax) in the country, which applies to both goods and services, many businesses have started facing considerable impact. GST is a type of tax system that has taken the place of various other indirect taxes such as excise tax, service tax, VAT, etc.

In India, GST is considered a destination-based tax and multi-stage tax imposed on any value addition. If you want to know or understand it in-depth, GST registration consultants in Chennai will help you. Are you looking to learn more about GST registration in Chennai?

Process of GST Registration

You can fill out your GST registration online. Whether you are an individual entity or a business, you might not mandatorily be required a GST registration. Still, My Legal Clinic recommends every kind of business entity to file GST as it will benefit their business even when they have not required the law to do so.

Filling up GST registration in Chennai might require the applicants some professional assistance or help, even knowing the basic stuff related to GST. A GST expert can help companies from the beginning of the GST filing process to the end. Here’s how the process works:

  • The applicant has to fill out the application form provided on the official website of GST registration. The Part A of the form will ask the applicant to provide the legal business name, PAN details, and business location. Contact details, etc. 
  • The applicant must have all the essential details and documents ready to provide them while filling out the forms. The details will be required after the applicant has successfully verified themselves as a taxpayer or GST practitioner
  • You will have to upload soft copies of the required documents online. My Legal Clinic will help you confirm that you are uploading the correct documents
  • After this, the applicants receive their Application Reference Number via their verified phone number or email after filling out Part B
  • People having their business service locations in various parts of states of the country will require separate filling of the registration

Services Provided by GST Registration Consultants in Chennai

GST consultants in Chennai provide comprehensive registration services, including:

  • Assistance with optimizing Taxes and Credit
  • Assistance and advice to the new business or e-commerce industry
  • Project planning & transaction structuring
  • Customized examination of the GST implications to a client or a particular sector
  • Cost management, tax planning
  • Guidance associated with GST for future, ongoing projects and orders.
  • Added services or value-added consulting

Benefits of a Consultant for GST Registration in India

Hiring a consultant for your GST Registration in India helps you understand the complex terminologies associated with GST and tax laws and get a simplified insight into it. A consultant will simplify your process of GST return filing or other related GST tasks. Here’s how a GST consultant makes your job easier:

  • You can submit your GST return before the deadline and avoid penalties by the law
  • You have a single point of contact for everything related to your registration or any GST-related inquiries
  • Always have a professional manner of completing the process along with all the operations being on track
  • Stay aware and updated with all the GST-related changes that will probably occur in the future

GST Return Filings are mandatory for everyone under the GST regime. If you are a dealer registered under GST, you need to file annual and monthly returns as per the law. My Legal Clinic services will be extremely helpful for you while filing GST returns as they have experience working across various industries.

GST Return Filing

The GST return tax document will mention and include all the details regarding your business, from income and sales to expenses. The tax authorities learn about the net tax liability of your business with the help of your return file. 

GST Registration Fees In Chennai

The government of India doesn’t ask the applicants for any sum of money for filing GST registration. However, if you hire a professional GST consultant, you will be required to pay for their professional services.

Many business people will not have a proper degree to understand all the terminologies related to the GST or even the basic details regarding the same. For this reason, filing GST registration forms might be slow or stuck during processes. At My Legal Clinic, you will receive help regarding all aspects of GST, including documentation, pieces of advice, explanation, etc. 


My Legal Clinic in Chennai helps guide and help companies with the smooth filing of GST registration. The certified and professional GST consultants ensure that all the GST processes are done up to the code. To get your GST registration started, connect with the experts today.