GST Registration for Partnership Firm

Know everything you want to know about GST Registration for a Partnership Firm. Read ahead to know more.
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Published On December 26, 2021 | Last Updated On September 1, 2022

Partnership firms are very prevalent in India, and anyone can form one through a written or oral agreement. Multiple parties agree to share the earnings of a firm owned by all of the parties or one of the parties, according to a contract with numerous stipulations.

If your partnership firm requires a GST registration, we will examine the rules that apply and determine whether or not your partnership firm is required to obtain one.

GST registration for a partnership firm is very important if the firm turnover exceeds the limit of 20 lac. Many important documents are required during the GST registration for partnership firms, such as PAN card, partner KYC, bank Cheque/statement, etc. GST registration takes about 3-4 days. 

How To Register For GST For A Partnership Firm?

Are you a company that is buying or selling goods or providing services? Then you are required to register your company under Goods and Services Tax (GST) so that you can avail the benefits of the input tax credit. 

Any applicant applying for GST registration doesn’t have to physically be present in the office to register for GST because you can start doing it online. The GST registration process for partnership firms is not a difficult process, and anyone who knows how to operate a computer can do it. However, issues might arise while trying to understand some of the texts or words related to GST. 

It is important to know and be careful about the address of the official site for GST registration in India. You will get a Temporary Reference Number (TRN) generated for your application. 

Here’s how you can register for GST online:

  • First, enter the exact address of the official GST registration site and log in using your login credentials.
  • Work on filling up the Part A of the form that will include PAN, mobile number, email id, etc.
  • The portal will send you a verification SMS and an email to verify your details. The SMS and email could have an OTP that would be required to further continue with your GST registration process.
  • The next part of the form will require you to enter more relevant details and upload important documents.
  • After this, you will get the Application Reference Number.
  • After you are done with all the above processes, the GST officer will start verifying your details and uploaded documents.
  • You will get to the final status of your GST registration within the 7 working days of your registration. Depending on what documents you uploaded and what details you entered, your form has the chance of both acceptance and rejection.
  • After your GST is accepted, you will get your GSTIN number allotted to you. In some other cases, you might need to provide an explanation for the documents.

What Documents Are Required for GST Registration For The Partnership Firm?

  • PAN Card of Partnership Firm
  • Partnership Deed
  • PAN Card of each partner
  • Aadhaar Card of each partner
  • Passport Size Photograph of each partner
  • Electricity bill of Principal Place of Business/ Property tax receipt/ Legal Ownership Document
  • Rent Agreement
  • Authorization Letter for Authorised Signatory

Other Information-

  • Nature of Activity
  • Email Address of each partner
  • Mobile Number of each partner (Note- Partner who is authorized signatory, His/her mobile number must be linked with Aadhaar)

Benefits of Filing GST Registration:

There are many benefits of filing your GST registration, some of which are:

  • Some products or services can be either exempt from tax or charged at 5% or even less
  • The lower class will receive their due
  • Simple tax structure with fewer exemptions

GST Registration Fees for Partnership Firm

Registering for GST either individually or for your partnership firm doesn’t require any cost. The Government of India Lets you file a GST registration free of cost. However, if you are not familiar with legal or tax-related terms and think that you will require a professional for the process of filing GST registration for your partnership firm, hiring a professional will cost some expense. 

A professional will help you throughout your GST registration process with terms, documents, and entering details. My Legal Clinic has many GST registration consultants that can help you with partnership firm registration in India to file your GST registration without missing your deadline successfully.

My Legal Clinic is a team of experts in the field of business law, accountancy, and compliance with extensive experience working with modern business structures in India. With a wide knowledge in the field, they often help the clients understand the legal terms to ensure smooth filing of GST.