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Why Do You Need to File a Copyright?

Copyright registration is the legal process by means of which one can protect any sort of intellectual property or any kind of artistic creations from illegitimate imitation or usage. It is necessary to safeguard the rights of the creators and creative works such as music, designs, books, manuscripts, softwares, films from infringement by illegally copying them and using them for commercial purposes without the permission of the creator thereby causing immense loss of the creator.

Copyright is basically the creation of a statute that functions as a safety measure against unauthorized imitation of a work without paying for it in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act, 1957. Hence if you are an artist or a musician, or a writer you should obtain copyright for your work to protect it from purloining.

Copyright is immensely important for any creative work of all sorts, whether it is literary, artistic, dramatic, or musical. Your work needs to be protected and copyright legally fortifies your exclusive rights over your work. There are immense advantages of getting a copyright registration done which we are about to discuss.

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The most important benefit of a copyright is the legal protection it provides to the creator(s) of the original piece of work against any reproduction or imitation of the work without their permission. Thus it legally sanctifies the exclusivity of your rights over your work.

You need to understand the potential of your creation and treat it as an asset. A copyright taps into this potential of your piece of work. This is because registered copyrights are essentially intellectual properties and the rights of the work can be sold, franchised, or commercially contracted.

A registered copyright may be used for marketing purposes which can create a sense of goodwill and a reliable quality in the mind of the consumers. This is because a registered copyright indicates that you are a professional and give enough attention to the details of your work.

A copyright endows you with global protection against infringement upon your creative rights because works copyrighted in India are given legal protection in many other countries. Similarly works that are copyrighted in foreign countries are also given similar privileges in India.

Copyrighting your work gives your work exposure as your work is given acknowledgement across nations and it can be searched in the copyright registry database. This helps in preventing your competitors from using or imitating your work as it is already known.

Copyright registration also makes it clear that you are serious about copyright infringement. This will help avoid any sort of unauthorized reproduction of your work and in case such occurrences you have substantial legal remedies at your hand to sue the unauthorized reproducer.

When you register a copyright, your work is introduced to the public records which creates a proof of your ownership over your creative work. Thus it can be used in marketing and other business purposes such as generation of goodwill in the mind of your customers.

When you copyright a work, you as it's owner have exclusive rights over the dissemination, reproduction, translation, and adaptation of the work. There might be little variations in the constitution of the rights depending on the work. Thus it is evident how useful a copyright can be when it comes to fortifying your rights over your work or tapping into its full potential as an asset.

Copyright Registration Process in India

1. Select the package

We provide different packages for copyright registration depending on the nature of the work which allows us to flexibly cater to your requirements. The first step of copyright registration is the selection of the package. So start with choosing the package that you need to protect your work.

2. Fill up the online form

The second step to getting a copyright registration is filling up our online questionnaire. It takes less than 10 minutes to fill up the entire form and it does not contain any sensitive questions that might cause your discomfort. Just answer the questions and go ahead with the process of copyright registration.

3. Upload the necessary documents

The next step is the uploading of the documents required for the registration of a copyright. These documents are essential in filing for the application and comprise identity proofs and other legal papers. We will further discuss the required documents later.

4. Make payment

After this, you have to pay for the service. There is no need to worry because the payment process is really fast and absolutely safe with secure gateways so that you neither have to waste your precious time nor compromise on safety.

5. Consultation with experts

Soon after you complete the payment a relationship manager will be assigned who will contact you and have a thorough discussion about the entire copyright registration process.

6. Execution of the copyright application

After this all the documents necessary for the application of copyright registration for your work will be drafted by expert professionals followed by verification of the submitted documents. Your application and Vakalatnama will be prepared by our experts and finally your copyright application will be filed online.

7. Final Submission

The last step of copyright registration is the physical submission of payment acknowledgement receipt and the prescribed forms in triplicate copies to the Copyright Registry

Fees for Copyright Registration in India

We have designed different copyright registration packages depending upon the nature of the work to be copyrighted.

Copyright for Books, Artworks, Magazines, Blogs and Graphics

Save upto 5% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Copyright for registration for books, artworks, magazines, blogs and graphics
  • One copyright registration
  • Free copyright registration consultation with professionals
  • Drafting and filing of application by experts
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Copyright for Website, Mobile Application, and Software Products

Save upto 10% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Copyright for website, mobile application, and software products
  • One copyright registration
  • Free copyright registration consultation with professionals
  • Drafting and filing of application by experts
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Copyright Registration for Musical Works, Audio and Video Recording, and Cinematography Films

Save upto 15% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Copyright registration for musical works, audio and video recording, and cinematography films
  • One copyright registration
  • Free copyright registration consultation with professionals
  • Drafting and filing of application by experts
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Documents Required for Copyright Registration

For filing copyright registration, you must submit documents depending upon the type of copyrightable work. All applicants need to submit the following documents for copyright registration.

1. Personal Details

Submit personal detail documents, which include proof of identity like PAN or Aadhar copy, address proof and nationality proof documents. In case the applicant and author are two different people then the author’s identity, address and nationality proof documents should also be submitted. Additionally, a document supporting the nature of the applicant’s interest in filing the copyright should also be submitted.

2. Category Documentation

Apart from the basic documents required for copyright registration, submit documents as per copyright categorization. The categories are as such:

3. Artistic Work

  • Two copies of the work
  • Author’s NOC if the applicant is different from the author
  • Publisher’s NOC if the work published and publisher is different from the applicant
  • Search Certificate from Trade Mark Office (TM -60) if the work is being used on goods or capable of being used on the goods
  • NOC from the individual whose photograph appears on the work

4. Cinematograph Film

  • Two copies of work
  • NOC from different copyright holders or copy of the agreement (deed of assignment)
  • NOC from the publisher if the work published and publisher is different from the applicant

5. Music

  • Two copies of work (graphical notes)
  • NOC from the publisher if the work published and publisher is different from the applicant
  • Author’s NOC if the applicant is other than the author

6. Literary/Dramatic

  • Two copies of work
  • NOC from author if applicant is other than author
  • Author’s NOC if the applicant is other than the author

6. Sound Recording

  • Two copies of work
  • NOC from different copyright holders or copy of the agreement (deed of assignment)
  • NOC from the publisher if the work published and publisher is different from the applicant

7. Software

  • Two copies of work
  • DD or IPO of INR (applicable) according to work
  • Author’s NOC if the author is different from the applicant
  • NOC from the publisher if the work is published and the publisher is different from the applicant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We totally get that copyright registration is a complex legal process and it is absolutely natural that you might have doubts about it, that is why we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about copyright registration.

What can be copyrighted?

Any sort of creative work can be copyrighted such as books, audio and video recordings, musical works, artistic work, cinematographic films, dramatic, computer programs, mobile applications, databases, advertisements, and paintings.

What cannot be copyrighted?

Works that are not tangible in form such as ideas, processes, methods, systems, procedures, principles, concepts, unwritten speeches, or discoveries cannot be copyrighted.

What rights does a copyright owner enjoy?

A copyright owner has several exclusive rights such as the right to reproduce and distribute the work or phonorecord to the public by sale, transfer of ownership, or license, the right to make additions or modifications to the work, display, present, or perform the piece in front of the public, and the rights to restrict others from claiming ownership of the work, using it, or reproducing the work without authorization.

Can mathematical concepts be copyrighted?

No, mathematical concepts or ideas cannot be applied for copyright registration. This is because mathematical concepts are intangible ideas which cannot be copyrighted.

Can I sue someone legally for infringement if I have my copyright registered?

Yes, you can send a legal notice to anyone who has infringed upon your creative rights over the piece of work which has been copyrighted. And if the infringement continues you can claim your exclusive rights in the court of law and demand compensation for the damages.

Can I search for identical or similar creative works registered in the Copyright Registry?

No, there is no existing mechanism to search for registered works on the copyright registry website. So you cannot search for similar or identical works on the copyright registry website.

Can I copyright a website ?

Yes, you can copyright original authorship on a website. But the copyright laws do not cover a domain. Nonetheless the included works such as videos and photographs are considered as separate creative works and you need to pay application fees separately on them to copyright these works.


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