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What Is Change of Objects?

Object clause is the clause in the MOA of the Company which defines the main business activity of the company. It defines the main objects that the company is going to pursue after incorporation.

The object clause also enlists the objects that are necessary/incidental for the furtherance of the main objects i.e. the objects which help in the conduct of the Main Objects of the Company or are necessary for the conduct of the main objects.

Note that earlier under the Companies Act’ 1956 there used to be the Other Object Clause also which defined all other objects that the company could undertake other than the Main and Ancillary objects. This other object clause has now been done away with under the Companies Act’2013.

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Now let’s explore the advantages of going ahead with the change of objects.

Advantages of Change of Objects?

Below are some of the objects of the change in objects.

  • To carry on its business more economically and more efficiently
  • To attain its main purpose by new or improved means
  • To enlarge or change the local area of its operation

Change of Objects Pricing

Here the packages that one can avail of with us:

Basic Package

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(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Package Includes
  • Change MOA
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Growth Package

Save upto 10% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Package Includes
  • Change AOA
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Premium Package

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(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Package Includes
  • Change MOA
  • Change AOA
  • Change Name
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Documents Required

The documents to be attached along for the change of objects are mentioned below.

  • Certified copy of the resolution
  • Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
  • The explanatory statement to the notice
  • Altered Memorandum of Association
  • Bank draft substantiating payment of request fee.
  • The implemented Vakalatnama or Memorandum of appearance with a copy of the Board's Resolution, whatever is available as per requirement
  • Two additional duplicates of the application
  • Any other applicable documents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some of the basic questions that might strike the curious minds of our site visitors with respect to change of objects service we provide.

What is change of objects?

Change of objects is the alteration of the Memorandum of Association of the company under section 13 of the companies’ act 2013. It regulates the procedure of amendment in the Memorandum of association.

What is a Memorandum of Association?

In accordance with Section 2(56) of the Companies Act, 2013 “memorandum” means the memorandum of association of a company as originally framed or as altered from time to time in pursuance of any previous company law or of this Act.

Can the MOA be changed?

The MOA can be changed in accordance with the provisions of section 13of the companies act2013. They should file a special resolution.


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