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Why Do You Need to Renew Your Trademark?

A registered trademark is valid for only 10 years but is instrumental in protecting the brand image of a business. It is intellectual property that serves as a measure against infringement by stealing your logo or brand name. Thus if you run a business you already know the importance of a valid trademark.

Renewing a trademark has several advantages. Registering a trademark endows the owner with certain rights protected by the law. It prevents the infringement of the registered trademark and also provides for restitution if such infringement happens. Thus renewing your trademark to enjoy seamless trademark protection without any scope of litigation. When you renew your trademark registration it becomes impossible for someone else to claim rights over the trademark other than you. Thus you will be protected from frivolous litigations.

When you renew your trademark registration you basically extend the ownership rights of the trademark which gives you legal protection from infringement of rights over the brand identity. The exclusivity of your rights over the trademark is extended for another 10 years after each renewal. Hence timely renewals of your trademark registration can protect the identity of your brand and the goodwill generated by your brand.

Renewal of your trademark promises unflinching and incessant protection of the brand identity. Failure in the renewal of trademark registration may lead to a lapse in legal protection of your brand name and logo. Moreover, a trademark can also serve as a source of monetary returns. Since the trademark owner has exclusive rights over the trademark of the company he or she can assign or license the trademark in exchange for some monetary compensation. Therefore you can also churn out some profits out of your trademark.

There are grave consequences of not renewing your trademark registration. If you do not apply or fail to pay the fees after applying your registration is nullified. Nonetheless, prior to removing the registration, the Registrar will publicize this intention in the Trademark Journal, so that you get another opportunity to renew your trademark. In case of failure in the renewal of a trademark, it is not just the owner who is affected but also anyone who has either been assigned or licensed the trademark. It nullifies all the legal rights the proprietors enjoy and considerably deteriorates the owner's legal position.

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The Process of Trademark Renewal

1. Select the package

We provide two different packages for trademark renewal and trademark restoration which allows us to flexibly cater to your requirements. The first step of trademark renewal is the selection of the package. So start with choosing the plan that you need.

2. Fill up the online form

The second step to getting your trademark renewed is filling up our online questionnaire. It takes less than 10 minutes to fill up the entire form and it does not have any sensitive questions that might cause your discomfort. Just answer the questions and go ahead with the process of trademark renewal.

3. Upload the necessary documents

The next step is the uploading of the documents required for the registration of your company's trademark. These documents are essential in filing for the trademark registration and comprise identity and business proofs, logo and tagline, and other legal papers. We will further discuss the required documents later.

4. Make payment

After this, you need to pay for the service. There is no need to worry because the payment process is really fast and absolutely safe with secure gateways so that you neither have to waste your precious time nor compromise on safety.

5. Consultation with experts

Soon after you complete the payment a relationship manager will be assigned who will contact you and have a thorough discussion about the renewal of your trademark.

6. Provide the documents

Now you need to provide your application no. and the trademark registration certificate. These documents are absolutely essential in the process of trademark renewal.

7. Preparation and filing of the application

After this documents will be drafted and your application will be prepared and filed by expert professionals so that you do not have to bear the brunt of bureaucratic red-tapism.

8. Your trademark is renewed

Your trademark will be renewed in three or four days without you having to go to government offices or go through the complex process of trademark renewal yourself.

Trademark Renewal Packages

If the trademark renewal period lapses and you fail to submit the 12 form, you can still go for trademark restoration. A trademark can be restored within 6 months to 1 year since the expiration of the registration of the trademark. To restore a trademark, the owner must file the form ™ 13. That is why we have two packages for trademark renewal and restoration.

Renewal Package

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(inclusive of all taxes)

  • One trademark renewal application
  • Free consultation by professionals
  • Drafting and filing of the application by trademark expert
  • Support over call, chat, or email
  • No hidden charges
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Restoration Package

Save upto 10% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • One trademark restoration application
  • Free consultation by professionals
  • Drafting and filing of the application by trademark expert
  • Support over call, chat, or email
  • No hidden charges
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Documents Required for Trademark Restoration

1. Proof of Applicant

An individual applicant must provide copies of the PAN card and Address Proof along with the certificate of registration of the business.

2. Trademark certificate

The next requirement is the trademark registration certificate issued by the registry to verify the validity of your trademark.

3. Power of attorney

This document empowers the attorney to file the trademark renewal application with the registry on behalf of the applicant.

4. Copy of trademark application

The application filed with the trademark registry for the registration of the mark must be provided for the process of its renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that there might be several doubts in your mind about the trademark renewal process and have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about trademark renewal.

When do I need to apply for trademark renewal in India?

In India, you need to apply for the renewal after the expiry period of 10 years. One can apply for renewal only 1 year prior to the date of expiration of the trademark registration. Hence it is ideal to apply for the trademark renewal about 6 months before the date of expiry.

Can a trademark be renewed after the expiry of the period?

The Registry of Trademark allows you a period of 6 months to apply for the renewal of the trademark registration after the expiration of the period.

What if the trademark expires?

You can still apply for the renewal of the trademark within 6 months from the expiry of the period. But it is still better to file the application earlier as the 6 month wait may cause additional fees and documentation.

What happens if one fails to renew the trademark registration?

In case of failure in the renewal of trademark, the consequences are grave. Since the trademark would be removed from the register and any other business can claim it and any applicant can get it registered to their name.

What is the difference between trademark registration and trademark renewal?

Trademark Registration is a lengthy process that takes several documents and requires more time than renewal. A renewal is basically for the continuation of your ownership and use of the trademark, while registration is the initial process to get its exclusive ownership. After the end of every 10 years, the trademark needs to be renewed.

Will there be any changes in the rights after the renewal of the trademark?

Trademark renewal does not result in any changes in the rights of the trademark owner. As long as the trademark is valid, the trademark owner would enjoy all the rights that he or she had acquired during the primary registration.

What are the requirements for trademark restoration?

A trademark can only be restored within one year of the expiry of the registered trademark. Restoration of a trademark requires an additional fee over the renewal fee of 10,000 rupees if done by a person physically, or an additional 9000 rupees if done online.


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