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Why Get a Trademark Registration?

A trademark refers to a unique identity like a logo, symbol, photograph, catch-phrase, brand name, product name, jingle, or anything else that differentiates the products and services offered by a business from the rest of the similar products and services. There are several benefits of having a trademark registration in India, some of which we will discuss below.

The primary benefit of having a trademark registered is that it gives you exclusive rights to that particular trademark and can use it for all the commodities falling under the class(es) applied. Since you would be having the sole ownership of the trademark you can stop any illegitimate use of the trademark for products under the same class, and sue any unauthorized use of the trademark. This process is also referred to as brand registration in India and the benefits are the same.

A trademark indicates the established quality of your goods and services which generates goodwill and reliability among the consumers in the market. This results in permanent customers who will be loyal to your brand and prefer your commodities over similar products available in the market. In short your brand stays protected and can enjoy long term visibility without any legal issues.

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It also becomes easier for customers to find and notice your products when you have a trademark registration. It differentiates the products you offer from the rest of the products provided by your competitors and serves as an effective commercial instrument. The logo can communicate the vision or essence of your business to your customers and target audience.

A trademark can derive acknowledgement of your business from the market. Consumers tend to attach the quality of a product to a brand name. Thus perception is created in the market which is helpful in alluring new customers who will be able to differentiate the quality of a product by brand identity.

A registered trademark also serves as an intangible asset to the organisation in the form of intellectual property which can be sold, franchised, assigned, or contracted. Once your trademark is registered you can also use the ® symbol next to your logo which indicates the exclusivity of the rights to the trademark.

Trademark Registration Process

Trademark registration in India / Brand registration in India is a multi-step process. Here are the steps involved that you should be aware of :

1. Choosing A Trademark

This process entails choosing a distinct and unique mark that would represent your identity explicitly. Here you should know which class your business belongs to, presently 45 classes of goods and services are allowed to register for a trademark. Connect with us to know more.

2. Mark Search

Once you have selected a mark for your brand, then it is important to search on the database whether someone else has acquired your intended mark. This should be done ideally by a professional agency like us.

3. Filing application

Here you have two options - you can file for a trademark under one class and then you can file it for multiple classes. In case you are planning to file it under multiple classes then the fee would vary. Connect with our experts to know more about this step.

4. Examining the process

Once the application is filed then the registrar would scrutinize the application to ensure that everything is in proper shape and there are no conflicts.

5. Publication in Journal

Once the registrar is satisfied that there are no issues with your application, then your trademark is published in the journal of trademarks. This process is vital as no objection should come within 90 days (120 days in certain cases) from any corner in order for your trademark to be granted to you.

6. Certificate Issuance

Once the holding period is over and the registrar is satisfied that there are no objections - then he would issue a certificate and you can put an “R” mark on your brand identity.

Eligibility for Trademark Registration In India

The following business entities are eligible for applying for a trademark:

  • An individual 
  • Joint owners
  • Proprietorship firm 
  • Partnership firm 
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Indian company 
  • Foreign company 
  • Trust or society

Trademark Registration Fees in India

We offer three different packages which include different services related to trademark registration. You can choose any one of them depending upon the needs of your business.

Basic Package

Save upto 5% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Trademark application
  • Free trademark consultation by professionals
  • Drafting and filing of the application by trademark expert
  • Use the ™ symbol
  • Support over call, chat or email
Note: MSME Certificate is Mandatory
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Growth Package

Save upto 10% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Trademark application
  • Free trademark consultation by professionals
  • Drafting and filing of the application by trademark expert
  • Udyam Registration
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Premium Package

Save upto 15% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Trademark application
  • Logo design by a dedicated designer (4 logo options)
  • Free trademark search report by experts
  • Free consultation by professionals till you get your trademark
  • Drafting and filing of the application by trademark expert
  • Udyam Registration
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Documents Required for Trademark Registration

1. Applicant's identity proof

An individual applicant must provide copies of the PAN card and Address Proof along with the certificate of registration of the business.

2. Brand name & logo

One must submit a logo that contains the brand name for registering it as a trademark. This logo containing your brand name will be the unique identity of your business

3. User Affidavit

If you want to claim a specific user date you will be required to submit the user affidavit.

4. Proof of Trademark use

For claiming a specific user date one must also provide documentary proof like invoices, registration certificates, and the likes along with the brand name.

5. MSME or Start-up recognition

Corporate bodies or partnership farms apart from individual applicants may provide a registration certificate under the MSME or Start-up India scheme for a 50% rebate on the government fee.

6. Form 48

TM 48 is a legal document that is used to endow the Power of Attorney to someone for filing the trademark on your behalf. This document will be prepared by our professionals and you just have to sign it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that trademark registration is a complex process and that is why we have compiled the most commonly asked questions about trademark registration.

What can be registered as a trademark?

Any word, name, symbol, graphics etc. that is used to identify products and services from one specific source and distinguish them from those of other competitors in the market can be registered as a trademark.

What cannot be registered as a trademark?

Marks that are identical or deceptively similar to an existing registered trademark or one for which application has been filed and registration is in the process cannot be registered as trademarks. Trademarks that may hurt religious sentiments or contain geographical names or common words are likely to be rejected.

What is a trademark class?

All products and services have been categorized under 45 classes by the Trademark Registry. Your application must declare the trademark class or classes the goods or services represent. The trademark will get registered under those classes only.

How long does it take to get a trademark registered?

Generally, it takes about 15 to 18 months for a trademark to get registered once the application has been filed. After the registration, you can start using the ® symbol beside your trademark. Nonetheless, as soon as the application is filed the applicant can start using the ™ symbol.

If I register my brand name and logo would they be considered as 2 applications?

If the brand name and logo are submitted together in one image the ministry accepts them as one application. Therefore the charge for only a single application would be required. One may also make separate applications for the logo and brand name if he wishes to change one in the future and retain the other.

Can a multi-class application be filed in India?

Yes, one is allowed to apply for registration under several classes in one single application.

Can amendments be made to a registered trademark?

As per the provision of Section 22 of the Trademarks Act the owner may amend a trademark later on. Thus if the amendment does not any substantial change in the character of the mark it is maybe executed by filing a request in the prescribed format along with copies of the amended trademark.


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