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About SEPC

SEPC is an Export Promotion Council set by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. It is an apex trade body that facilitates service exporters of India. As an advisory body, it actively contributes to the formulation of policies of the Government of India and acts as an interface between the Services Industry and the Government.

SEPC has been instrumental in promoting the efforts of the Indian service exporting community, and in projecting India’s image abroad as a reliable supplier of high-quality services.

IT organizes a large number of promotional activities such as buyer-seller meets (BSM) – both in India and abroad, overseas trade fairs/exhibitions, and India pavilion/information booths in selected overseas exhibitions to demonstrate the capabilities of the Indian Services Industry.

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Here are the documents that you would be required to furnish.

SEPC Registration Pricing

We have a single package offer for this service:


  • Preparation of all documents
  • Analysis of documents
  • Applying online
  • Getting the certificate of registration

Documents Required for SEPC Registration

You have to provide us with the following documents:

  • IEC Code Print
  • Passport size photograph
  • Self-certified copy of GST Registration Certificate
  • Copy of self-signed Memorandum of Association (only first 4-5 pages required)/Partnership Deed/Trust Deed
  • Last Three Financial Years’ Foreign Exchange Earning (FEE) details of the services exported (if there was any), as certified by a Chartered Accountant
  • Self-certified copy of Board Resolution (For institutional or corporate membership)/Power of Attorney (for individual ordinary membership including proprietorship and partnership). This is required in case the name of the signing authority is not mentioned in IEC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some answers to the questions that you might have:

What are the benefits of SEPC registration?

It helps Indian service exporter to find new markets for the export of their services.
• Provides assistance on how to avail of various Government Export Promotion Schemes/Foreign Trade Policy
• Facilitates participation in seminars/exhibitions /trade fairs /buyer-seller meets at national and international levels
• A comprehensive database of service providers in India in different sectors helps overseas buyers in locating service providers as per their requirements
• SEPC issues Registration Cum Membership Certificates to Indian services exporters so that they can avail of the benefits of various Export Promotion Schemes such as EPCG, SEIS, MDA, MAI

How much time it will take?

Once we get everything ready, we will expedite the process from our end. It might take a few days for SEPC to process your registration request.


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