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Why Do You Need a Company Search Report?

A company search report is a software-generated annual report of a company's records. The company search report is of great value to the stakeholders which assists them in acquiring information about the company they invest in, manage, control, enter into a contract in, or provide a loan to.

Moreover, banks often use company search reports to ensure the authenticity of companies before getting into business with them. These reports are documentation of the records of your company hence it is always advantageous that you have your annual company search report handy.

The company search reports help you assess the credibility of prospects, customers, partners, and stakeholders in terms of finance and stability. This gives you a clear idea of what you are working on, and whom you are working with. Therefore company search reports are a valuable instrument of assessment for businesses.

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Since the company search report contains all the vital information about a company it reveals a lot of risks associated with engaging in business with that company. Thus company search reports help you in the assessment of the financial risks of giving credit terms to a particular company.

A company search report serves as documentary evidence of the credibility of a company. Thus photo-search reports also help you keep fraudulent transactions at bay. So they also act as a safety measure in transactions between companies.

Congruently, the company search reports make transactions more transparent and less prone to risks. Company search reports contain all the important information which facilitates clarity in transactions between companies.

Since the company search reports serve as a record of the vital details of the company they keep interested parties like investors keep a track of the credit score thus helping you build future prospects.

A company search report takes off a lot of load from the shoulder of your employees as it reduces the scope of manual labor and makes the process of decision-making much easier as it provides all of the important data at your disposal.

The company search reports can be customized based on your requirements to increase its ergonomic value, saving a lot of money and time. This helps you keep track of specific data about your company which can be utilized for different purposes including assessment of your performance.

Not only are the company search reports delivered instantaneously but also generated after scrutiny of primary databases and sources producing a very reliable piece of documents. Thus the company search reports are of high importance to all the stakeholders of the company.

Content of a Company Search Report

A standard company search report in most cases comprises the following details:

  • The company's name
  • The company's registered office address
  • The company's capital structure
  • List of the company's directors since incorporation
  • List of the company's shareholders since incorporation
  • List of charges registered since incorporation
  • The company search report may include other relevant details as per the requirements of the bank
  • General information of incorporation
  • Review of operations and finances
  • Statement of the chairperson
  • Unaudited information
  • Different financial statements such as
    1. The balance sheet which is also known as the statement of financial position
    2. Statement of income along with a statement of profit and loss
    3. Statement of changes in equity
    4. Statement of cash flow
  • Notes to the financial statements
  • Policies of accounting
  • Report of the auditor
  • Data of mortgage charges
  • Insolvency information

Apart from this the information may vary according to the demands of different stakeholders, although some basic information remains the same.

Company Search Packages

Here are our packages for the company search report service:

Basic Package

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Premium Package

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that company search reports might seem confusing and it is absolutely natural that you will have questions and doubts. That is why we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about company search reports.

What is a company search report?

A company search report is a detailed documentation of your company's records which is generated by a tool by analysis of reliable sources and data.

What is the use of a company search report?

A company search report can be of many use to businesses like an assessment of companies, clarifying transactions, keeping track of vital details, and assessment of performance.

Who needs company search reports?

Majorly stakeholders and banks need search reports.

Why do stakeholders need company search reports?

Stakeholders of the company who are interested can keep a track of profits, losses, repayments, and many more vitals for the sake of their investments.

Why do banks need company search reports?

Banks often use company search reports to check the history of the company, it's credibility, and avoids fraudulent activities.


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