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What Is One Person Company (OPC)?

The traditional private company requires at least two members to develop into a partnership. But forget these rigors when it comes to an OPC! In case of an OPC or a One Person Company, there is a single shareholder who holds a 100% stake of the company. It is the most salient feature of an OPC. The one person company registration in India is made effortless and hassle-free with an online filling and seamless procedure.

The Companies Act, 2013, heralded a new age for the companies in India. The Entrepreneurs could now establish what is called a One Person Company or an OPC. A person with a sole proprietorship would be tremendously facilitated by the choice of a one person company incorporation. This choice would help them to seamlessly and securely transition into a corporate framework.

The reason for this is that a one person company (OPC) is the successful amalgamation between a sole proprietorship and a corporate entity. Thus, it allows for considerable flexibility of legal requirements.

OPC registration in India could be something that provokes your interest. If that is the case, you should be aware that registration of the same requires a single shareholder to do the formalities.

The one person company registration in India also requires the presence of one director. However, if the annual turnover of your company surpasses INR 2 crore, then it should be registered as a Pvt. Ltd. company. This could develop into an appropriate issue at the later stages, though your business could function superfluously in the earlier stages.

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Advantages of OPC registration in India?

Here are some of the major advantages of registering your business as a one person company.

1. Accessibility

Registering a one person company is pretty easy. Since there is only one director and one nominee hence the number of documents required to vet are fewer. It takes less time to process in comparison to other company registrations.

2. Existence

OPC is more like a long term contract, even if the director of the companies dies, the nominee can take over the company easily and run the business.

3. Loans and Investments

Although there is only one person leading the company, still banks and other NBFC treat a OPC just like any other company. As a result, getting funds and loans for operations is pretty easy.

4. Easy upgradation

Once the OPC has successfully completed two years of business, then they have an option of converting into a private limited company or a public limited company as per the existing rules.

5. Limited Liability

The business liability of the stakeholder is limited to the amount of shares held by him. In case of loss or insolvency the director is pretty much secure legally.

One Person Company Formation Packages

All you need to do for registering an OPC is to read and understand the sections below. Provide us with the documents, purchase a package, and relax!

Basic Package

Save upto 5% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Pan
  • Tan
  • One DSC
  • One DIN
  • Reservation of Name
  • Share Certificate
  • Incorporation Certificate
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Growth Package

Save upto 10% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Pan
  • Tan
  • One DSC
  • One DIN
  • Name Approval
  • Share Certificate
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Gst Registration
  • Msme Registration
  • Free Consultancy
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Premium Package

Save upto 15% cost on this package


(inclusive of all taxes)

  • PAN
  • TAN
  • One DSC
  • One DIN
  • Name Approval
  • Share Certificate
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • Free Consultancy
  • Trademark Filing
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Documents Required

Following documents are required for the Directors of the Company-

  • Self attested copy of PAN Card
  • Self attested copy of Aadhaar/ DL/ Passport/Voter ID Card, any one
  • One Utility Bill (Electricity Bill/Mobile Post Paid/ Landline Bill/ Bank Passbook or Statement, any one) not older than two Months
  • One Passport Size Photograph
  • Personal Mobile & Email ID

Additionally, the following is required for the Registered Office-

  • One Utility Bill (Electricity Bill/Mobile Post Paid/ Landline Bill/Gas Passbook, any one) not older than two Months
  • Lease/ Rent Agreement
  • No Objection Letter from the Owner of the Premises to use the Address of the registered office of the Company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My Legal Clinic believes in answering your questions. We know that as a new business owner you would have certain levels of anxiety and doubts about how the legal business environment works, well don’t worry, read our FAQs, they have been put here to answer all the usual questions that you might have about forming an One Person Company.

Is there any capital requirement for forming an OPC?

No, there is no minimum capital required for forming an OPC, however if you later wish to upgrade it to a private limited or a public limited company then existing rules for capital requirement are applicable.

How many directors are allowed?

Although the essence of an OPC is in its feature to cater company operations with a single director, however an OPC can have upto 15 directors if needed.

Who can be made a nominee for OPC?

Any Indian individual with government provided identity document proof can become a nominee.

How can OPC be converted to a Private limited ?

With OPC there is a catch, once it gets incorporated then for 2 years it cannot be converted into a private limited company or for that matter a public limited. In case this 2 year period has elapsed then you can start the process of converting it into a private limited company.

Do I have to be present in person to register an OPC?

No, there is no need. We can do it for you completely without you being present either at a government office or our office. Connect with us to know more about it.

Can I change my nominee after incorporation of OPC?

Yes you can do that anytime, you just have to intimate the registrar of the companies on time about it. Without intimating him the change of nominee would not have any legal standing.


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