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What Is a NGO?

The main process before starting a Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) is getting it registered under the Companies Act, 2013.

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Things to Do Before Applying for NGO Registration

1. Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Before filling the form online for NGO registration the directors are supposed to prove digital signatures as the forms are digitally signed.

Applicants need to obtain class 2 or class 3 category of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

2. Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN)

For the proposed directors of the company applicants are required to apply for a DIN. filling of application form DIR-3 helps in the allotment of DIN. scanned documents like self attested copy PAN card, identity and address proof of directors are to be submitted along the application form.

All these documents are required to be attested by a practicing chartered accountant and company secretary or cost accountant.

3. Steps to register as an NGO

  • The applicant needs to obtain a DSC of the proposed directors of an NGO. after DSC is obtained, file form DIR-3 with the ROC to get a DIN
  • After the approval of DIR-3, the respective ROC will allot a DIN to the proposed directors
  • Next the applicant needs to file Form INC-1 with the ROC to apply for a company name. Preference of 6 names can be applied from which one would be allotted by ROC, depending on the availability
  • After the approval from ROC, file Form INC-12 to apply for a licence for an NGO. Documents to attach with INC-12 are :- (Declaration as per form INC-14; declaration as per form INC-15; draft Article Of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA) as per form INC-13)
  • After the form’s approval, NGO license will be issued in form INC-16
  • After the applicant has obtained the NGO license, he/she needs to file SPICE Form 32 with ROC for incorporation. After the ROC has checked and verified the documents, it issues a Certificate of Incorporation with a unique Corporate Identification Number (CIN)

By these simple steps, applicants can register his/her company as an NGO.

4. Eligibility to start an NGO

  • Minimum 2 directors required, if NGO is to be incorporated as a private limited company
  • Minimum of 3 directors required, in case of incorporation as a public limited company
  • Maximum number of members is 200, in case of a private limited company
  • No member limit in case of public limited company
  • No fee is charged, if registering as an NGO

Benefits of NGO registration

Registering your company under the NGO of Companies Act, 2013 has several benefits which are listed below. You should read ahead to know more about why you should register NGO in india

1. Tax saving

This act provides several taxation benefits for the directors of the company. NGOs are exempt from several taxes and it helps the company to save tax money and invest the saved money in further projects.

2. Lower share capital

NGOs are directly funded by the donations made to them. This means that the NGOs do not need a higher share of capital to function independently.

3. Title usage

NGOs are exempted from the use of any titles, that means they can function without making their limited liability status public. This is a significant benefit for the company in terms of capital they need to make public.

4. Transfer of ownership/titles

NGOs are not restricted to transfer their ownership or claims of the interests earned.

5. Stamp duty exemption

All the companies which are registered as NGOs are exempted from stamp duty, which results in more tax saving methods for the company. Exemption of stamp duty protects funds for the company resulting in the smooth functioning of the company. That's one of the major benefit one gets when they register NGO in India

NGO Registration Fees in India


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(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Name Search Report
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN
  • TAN
  • Draft copy of Memorandum of -Association
  • Draft copy of Rules and Regulations
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(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Name Search Report
  • Drafting Trust Deed
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN
  • TAN
  • Registration of Trust Deed
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Section 8 Company

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(inclusive of all taxes)

  • Name Search Report
  • Reservation of Name (RUN)
  • Filling Incorporation Form
  • Two DIN
  • Two DSC
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN
  • TAN
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Documents Required

  • Proof of Address of every Members (Aadhaar/ DL/ Passport/ Voter ID, any one)
  • Registered office address Proof
  • Mobile & Email ID of all Members
  • Affidavit avowed by secretary or president of society declaring relationship among subscribers
  • List of Members

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to register an NGO?

Registration fees are Rs 2000/- for urban and Rs 1000/- for rural areas. The fee is to be deposited electronically.

Can a single person start an NGO?

To start an NGO in a trust organization, you need at least 2 people, to start an NGO in society registration, you need at least 7 people and to start an NGO at national level then you need at least 8 people.

What are the different types of NGO's?

NGO's or Non-Government Organization is basically a non-profit organization that can be in form of a charitable trust, a non-governmental organization getting foreign contribution, a public trust or even a non-profit company. The fact is that the term NGO has a wide range of operational applicability. It is also known as a section-8 company, however that is something that needs further elaboration and we would suggest you talk to us for further clarity on the same.

Some more information on NGO's

NGO Registration is just like a company registration, you have to file an application of registration, provide proof of registration, furnish all registration details, ensure that all the registration forms are accurately filled and application for registration is duly filed with registrar of societies. The entire process of society registration is a bit complex and better left to the professionals.

The entire premise of a Non-governmental organisation formation lies in doing good without profits. So if you are a person who is aligned towards this goal then NGO is the legal entity that you should be looking forward to become NGO formation in India has many advantages, talk to us to know more about them.


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