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Issuing a TDS certificate is necessary for further processing of TDS. Our team can help you here. Our services are reasonable and very professional in approach.

Why Take the Issuance of TDS Certificate Seriously?

TDS return process is incomplete until the Valid TDS certificate has been issued by the deductor. Form 16/ Form 16A issued by an authenticated authority is the basis of this certificate. As of now, the TRACES have the authorization to issue a valid TDS certificate.

Contents of a TDS Certificate

The TDS certificate to be issued by the deductor/collector contains the following details:

  • Valid PAN of the deductee
  • Valid TAN of the deductor/collector
  • Challan Identification Number (CIN), which is a number generated by a combination of the BSR code of the bank where tax is deposited, date of deposit, and the challan serial number allotted by the bank
  • Receipt number of the relevant quarterly statement of TDS (i.e., TDS return)

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TDS Certificate issuance is a serious process and any laxity in it can attract penalties. Hence going with a professional accounting agency can help you mitigate any risk and be on the right side of the tax department.

Issuance of TDS Certificate Pricing

We offer this service at a price of ₹7,999 per 8 certificates.

The service includes:
  • Document Collection
  • Online Process
  • Generating Certificate
  • Validating details and authenticity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the TDS certificate.

Which forms that I need to consider?

Although we will take care of it, for sake of knowledge - here is the name of the form and frequency that it can be used.
TDS certificate in respect of tax deducted on salary:
• Form No. 16
• Annually
TDS certificate in respect of tax deducted on payments other than salary:
• Form No. 16A
• Quarterly

Can you help me with a single TDS Certificate?

If there is a legal complication with your existing TDS certificate that has not been processed by us, then yes we can intervene for a small fee and help you fix things.


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