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An employee appointment letter acts as a token of acceptance of a person in your company. We can help you draft the perfect one that too quickly and easily.

About: Employee Appointment Letter

An employee appointment letter addresses whether the new employee got hired if an employee is now becoming a regular, or a permanent employee, and a bunch of other scenarios.

An employee appointment letter also:

  • Acts like an invitation letter for an interview, not for contract signing
  • As a screening test, the prospect would undergo interviews and answer questions
  • A letter that shows the company’s interest in the applicant

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Here are the benefits of getting an employee appointment letter drafted professionally.

Benefits of Employment Appointment Letter

Here are a couple of benefits:

  • The letter formalizes the appointment between employee and employer
  • It adds legitimacy to job offers that the company will provide
  • You can use the appointment letter for reference, the same way you’d use teacher appointment letter templates

Guidelines for an Employee Appointment Letter

Writing an employee appointment letter requires more than just your professional approach. You’d have to keep in mind a bunch of other factors that will help improve the overall quality of the letter.

Here are some of the guidelines as follows:

  • Put in a general description about the job specifics like duties and responsibilities
  • Always put in the compensation package, health benefits, and paid leaves, for new employees and promotions
  • Also provide the healthcare package that your company, or business, offers for its employees
  • Provide a space where the prospect can affix his, or her, a signature if the offer gets accepted
  • Employee detail(s)
  • Commencement of work detail(s) about employee’s salary
  • If an employee is working under contract, make sure you write the contract details about the employment
  • Leave policy of the company terms of employment in the company working hours of the company
  • Other miscellaneous details of the company that you think employees must know about

Employee Appointment Letter Pricing

We offer a single package for this service

  • One employee appointment letter
  • Will contain your terms and conditions
  • Will be made available in hard and soft copies

Documents Required

  • Employee detail (Name, Designation, Salary, Joining date)
  • Probation period (if any)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the appointment letter the same as the offer letter?

Both the letters are formal but are sent with a different purpose. An offer letter is the first step to get an employee on board and to express the interest of the company in hiring the candidate. It is only after the candidate accepts the offer letter that the appointment letter is sent to him or her.

Is the appointment letter necessary?

Currently, there is no central law that states that it is necessary.


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