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Managing e-way bills is something that is simple, yet complex when the volumes are high. We can help you manage your e-way bills efficiently.

What is a E-Way Bill?

E-Way Bill is an automatic document, generated online on a portal used by the Central Government to help the movement of goods. E-Way bill under GST is registered for transportation of goods from one state to another, i.e. inter-state migration of goods and also the intra-state movement.

It's a mandatory requirement for logistical movement and something that is a part of an annual audit. Not maintaining proper records can land a company in Taxman’s radar for the wrong reasons. That’s why having some professional help for managing your e-way bills is always recommended.

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Benefits of E-way Bill

1. Less documentation

It will be generated online and ensure that the documentation is reduced.Instead of state-wise documents, only one bill is generated for inter-state/intrastate movement.

2. Faster and efficient transportation

Transportation will be efficient in the form of cost and time as well. The transporters do not require to pass from verification checks at every check post. By this transportation, time is reduced.

Process Flow

1. Select package

Start this process by selecting an appropriate package for yourself from a website.

2. Collection of basic information and documents

Then that website will collect all the information and required documents from you for this process.

3. Preparation of e-way bill application

We will prepare the application for the e-way bill.

4. Filing and generation of e-way bill

We will file the application online and then generate an e-way bill.

Documents Required

  • Invoice
  • Transporter ID or Vehicle number
  • Proof of Place of Business (Electricity Bill or rent-lease agreement, latest property tax receipt etc)
  • Transport document number
  • The date on the document
  • Log-in credentials of E-Way Bill

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is supposed to generate an e-way bill online?

The supplier of the goods is needed to generate an e-way bill online.

What is the validity of the e-way bill generated?

The e-Way Bill validity period depends on the distance to be traveled by the vehicle in transit for shipment of goods.

How to change the username in e-way bills?

Visit the e-Way Bill Portal (EWB) and Log into your account. Navigate to the dashboard and click on the "Update sub-user" option from the "User Management" drop-down list.


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