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Digital Signature Certificates serve as the electronic equivalent of physical certificates or paper certificates. Certificates essentially are proofs of someone’s identity for a certain purpose.

Why Go For Digital Signatures?

Digital signature certificates can be used to verify someone’s identity electronically, to access certain information or avail of certain services and privileges on the internet, or sign documents digitally.

It is mandatory to have a digital signature certificate in the following cases:

  • If you are incorporating a private limited company, public limited company, one person company or limited liability partnership
  • For obtaining your Director Identification Number
  • To verify your returns in case the turnover of your business exceeds INR 60 lakhs.
  • All individuals and professionals having an annual income over INR 25 Lakhs and businesses with an annual turnover of INR 1 crore and above must file their income tax with a digital signature certificate
  • If you are a business entity other than the sole proprietorship you need a digital signature certificate to both register and verify GST returns online.
  • For applying for Export and Import Codes
  • For applying for Intellectual property rights like trademark and patent
  • It is compulsory for businesses and organizations to have a class 3 digital signature certificate to participate in the E-tendering process on government sites
  • For submitting the Employee Provident Fund Transfer Claim Form Online

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What are the Benefits of a Digital Signature Certificate?

1. Saves cost and time

Now you no longer have to wait for your manager to get that signature and also cut down the functional costs substantially. A digital signature certificate reduces the time taken as it works on the click of a button as compared to long humanely conducted physical processes. It also cuts down costs as their expenses on paper, ink, printers are significantly reduced. Thus digital signature certificates save both time and cost.

2. Workflow efficiency

As there are lesser delays digital signature certificates result in better efficiency in the workflow. Managing and tracking documents also becomes easier with minimal effort and negligible time involved.

3. Better customer experience

Digital signature certificates give the convenience of signing important documents without having the signatory to travel for signing it. Thus sales persons will not have to wait for the customer to come up to the bank or office.

4. Better security

As far as signatures are concerned security and authenticity are of primary importance. Digital signatures significantly reduce the risk of duplication or alteration of the document itself. They ensure that signatures are authentic, verified, and legitimate.

5. Gives legal validity

Digital signatures also provide testimony to the authenticity and veracity of the signature. This can stand valid in any court of law just like any other signed paperwork.

6. Way of the future

Digital signatures will also be valid in the future. ETSI PDF Advanced Signatures (PAdES) with its eIDAS requirements are going to be in currency in the future with its long-term signature formats.

7. Environmental benefits

Since corporations and businesses are becoming more aware of their role in sustainability, digital signatures are going to facilitate the step ahead by reducing waste emissions and being environmentally friendly.

The Process of Getting a Digital Signature Certificate

1. Select the package

We provide four different packages for digital signature certificates which allows us to flexibly cater to your requirements. The first step of obtaining a digital signature certificate is the selection of the package. So start with choosing the plan that suits you the most.

2. Fill out the questionnaire

We have compiled an online questionnaire that will help us obtain certain information about you and your business that will help us serve you better. It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out the online questionnaire and there are no personal or sensitive questions that may cause your discomfort.

3. Upload the necessary documents

The next step is the uploading of the documents required for the registration of your business's trademark. These documents are essential in filing for the trademark registration and comprise identity and address proofs, and attested identity proof. We will further discuss the required documents later.
of the package. So start with choosing the plan that suits you the most.

4. Make payment

After this, you have to make the payment for the service. There is no need to worry because the payment process is really quick and fortified with secure gateways so that you neither have to waste your precious time nor compromise on safety.

5. Consultation with experts

Soon after you complete the payment a dedicated digital signature certificate expert will be assigned who will contact you and have a thorough discussion to understand your precise requirements.

6. Drafting of documents

Following this, the documents required to apply for a digital signature certificate are going to be drafted and filed by experts on your behalf so that you neither have to invest time nor effort in applying for a digital signature certificate.

7. Validation of documents

After this, all the documents provided by you will be verified by our professionals via video recordings or SMS. This is to ensure that the application for the digital signature certificate is foolproof and immaculate.

8. Delivery of digital signature certificate

Finally, your digital signature certificate will be sent in a USB along with the token to your address via courier and you can start using your digital signature immediately.

Digital Signature Certificate Packages

Per DSC ₹2,000/-

Documents Required for Digital Signature Certificates

Following documents are required for Digital Signatures:

  • Copy of PAN Card, self attested copy
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar/ DL/ Passport/ Voter ID, any one)
  • One Passport size Photograph
  • Mobile
  • Email ID

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand that it is natural for you to have doubts or queries about digital signature certificates and the process of obtaining them that is why we have compiled the most commonly asked questions about digital signature certificates.

What is a digital signature certificate?

A digital signature certificate is an electronic key with a set of signature and encryption. It is a proof of identity that can help you access information or avail services or sign documents on the internet. It is protected with a high security password and is legally binding with bank-level security.

From where can I get a digital signature certificate?

You can get a digital signature certificate from any licensed CA or certifying authority such as MyLegalClinic by providing certain basic information which will be verified against your PAN card registered on the Income Tax portal.

How long does it take to get a digital signature certificate?

Generally, it takes about 3 to 4 working days for the processing of a digital signature certificate after which the DSC is couriered to your address.

Where can I use a Class 3 digital signature certificate?

In India a class 3 digital signature certificate is required for MCA & ROC compliances such as signing documents digitally, company incorporation, e-mailing, business license registration, tax filing, e-tendering, and any other trade-related digital activities.

What is an e-token?

An e-token is an electronic storage device for your digital signature certificate like a USB. An e-token is password-protected so that the digital signature is never lost or tampered with even during the formatting of your computer.

Can digital signature certificates be acquired in soft copies?

No, digital signature certificates are not available in soft copies because the Competition Commission of India discontinued the download of digital signature certificates in .pfx format. Thus a digital signature certificate can be only stored in a cryptographic device in India.

Can anyone have two digital signature certificates?

Yes, one can absolutely have two digital signature certificates and use one for professional purposes while retaining the other for personal usage.


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