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What Is a Business Plan?

Making a business plan is not a simple procedure. It entails the assessment of disaster situations and understanding their impacts, and creating policies to respond to them suitably. The entire procedure is also known as a business continuity plan. The business continuity plan is ideal and indispensable for businesses as it helps them to recover quickly and function normally.

A business plan is your entire business idea along with a symmetric arrangement of the vision, mission, purpose, risks, and their potential escape routes in one single document. The investor pitch deck or the investor reports delineate the details and help you understand the goals and do an in-depth analysis of your business plan. A holistic business plan would place the investors in the founder’s shoes and help them to comprehend the intent and the objective of the business idea appreciably. Thus it would guide the investor towards adopting the correct method for the company’s estimate. Business plans are put to use for showing your business ideas to venture capitalists, angel investors, and banking or non-banking financial institutions for monetary grants and loans.

Business plans are thoroughly strategic. They showcase the path that you need to take from the point you initiate your business with finite resources and abilities to the point that you will reach in a few years where your business commands a specific set of resources, skills, greater profitability, and assets.

A business plan should be essentially well-drafted. It contains the general information about the business like its founder and co-founder details, various other features, financial projections with forecasted cash inflows, etc. LegalSalah.com is the only site where you will find experts with years of experience in belting out appropriate financial and business plans according to the requirements of the companies.

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Advantages of a Professionally Drafted Business Plan?

A professionally drafted business plan is your hall ticket to a professionally run business. It provides you with clarity on your business goals and objectives, and above all helps the investors and banks understand your end goal better.

Here are some of the benefits of a professionally drafted business plan:

  • Right Direction: A well-drafted business plan provides you with a clear-cut path towards achieving your business goals.
  • Helps Investors: A vital part of running a business is fulfilling the capital requirements. To meet your capital requirements you need to convince the investors about the viability of your business. That's something a well-drafted business plan can help you with.
  • Banking: Most of the banks would ask for a business plan upfront to understand the nature of your commercial activity before granting you a credit line or funds. A well-drafted business plan would surely be of help in this case.

Business Plan Writing Packages

Here are our business plan writing packages:

Investor Grade Business Plans
(All inclusive)
Best suited for startup’s and first time entrepreneurs. We will draft a professional plan that will not only clarify your business intent but also provide investors and stakeholders apt information about your business.

Bank Compliant Business Plans ₹15,000 (All Inclusive). Best suited for those planning to enter capital heavy traditional business models. Our team can create a complete business plan, with forecasts and financial predictions, so that it complies with the bank’s requirements

The charges exclude Government fee and GST is applicable to all packages.

Documents Required

Although there is no set statutory list of documents that one needs to create a business plan, still having the following information handy certainly helps:

  • Vision & Mission Statement
  • Nature of business
  • The extent of your capital requirements
  • Evidence backing your capital requirements
  • Resumes of all the key officers of the business
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Growth and ambitions
  • Any other information that would help understand your business better

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know that when entering the arena of corporate law, it is natural to have questions. That's why our team of experts has created this FAQ section to address your common queries regarding the drafting of a business plan.

Why do I need a business plan?

The same reason you need a business. Running a business is no easy feat. You need utmost levels of clarity on your goals and how you are going to achieve them. A business plan helps you have the right direction and helps others understand your business better.

How much time it would take us to draft a business plan for you?

It would take approximately 7 days to draft a business plan once we have all the relevant information from your end.


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